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September 09, 2014



Love the critter catcher!!! Perfect for your collection.
Have you done a collection of vintage mirrors? I love to see how you display your collections. I get so many ideas! :o)

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

OMG, those are adorable! When I first read the title of your post I thought is said BAGS, so I was expecting to see purses :) Bugs are so much cuter to collect!


Well those multiplied quickly, didn't they? Makes sense as that what seems to happen with real bugs. The Critter Catcher is perfect! Love how you took your critters outside for their photo shoot :-)


Sheryl Remy

Don't you just love it when two things come together to form a perfect unit. There was no plan but they just mesh. Perfect.

Melissa's Antiques

Those are the best kinds of bugs to find at an estate sale, around your house, or on your plants!


I've never seen chenille bugs before! Love the way you display them.
Do you have a collection of animals made from seashells?

Mary Steinbrink

Adorable! I wouldn't mind these kinds of bugs at my house at all!


freakin adorable~!


Those are cute. I have a bumble bee, but the netting type fabric in its wings has deteriorated :( Should fix them somehow.


Utterly cute!! Only you could find a "collection" of these wonderful little creatures!!

janet johnson

ooh, those are so cute. Nice pictures.
You made me smile!

Alison Z.

I love that you took them out to the yard for a photo shoot! These bugs made me smile.


Super cute! Love the photos of the bugs in their "native" environment!!


Once again, you have a collection of something that I've never heard of!!! Fun post... great photos!

Nan York

Never saw these bugs again you enlighten me with your vintage treasurers.


The bugs (and friends) are great! I love their googly eyes! (Rob)

Musings from Kim K.

This is a great post! Totally loving this photoshoot. I can just picture you strategically placing your fancy bugs to get the perfect shot. What a fun little collection! Totally YOU!


I have been on a serious bug hating spree - the cicadas are deafening at my house and I cannot sleep without putting a pillow over my head. You cute chenille bugs make me not hate ALL bugs. Just those darn cicadas!

I have a bunch of chenille bees,but no other bugs.

Into Vintage

I am dying of cuteness right now. Dying, I tell you.
I don't think you could have done a better job taking their portraits.


Love those chenille bugs and your cricket box! Amazing how ideas on what to do with things you buy pop into your head huh? That snail sure is darn cute even though it's not a bug.Cute photo op with your friends this morning! Enjoying a cup of coffee with your blog :-) It's the kids late start day!


Adorable photos. I once had a chenille housefly that really creeped me out, but I think you could have made him/her look cute.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

These are really cute. I like how you have displayed them in the cricket box. Better to find these types of "bugs" in your studio than the real kind of bug.


CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love the snail, adorable.

Betty in Arlington

Too cute for words! I often thought about decorating the flowers in the yard with fake bugs to see what folks would say! I have giant concrete frogs under the bushes and school children do a double take!


Ugh...you know how to make me jealous! ;) Oh my that bug...he has my heart! Love the frog too...the amazing versatility of chenille! Love it!

Lisa W.

Love , Love, Love the chenille bugs and the way you displayed them !!!


Show me your collection of surprise balls, vintage crackers, party favors please!

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