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September 04, 2014



Friends that give vintage gifts are the best kind of friends to have!


Melissa's Antiques

What an awesome gift!!

Sheryl Remy

I'd say Michelle has got your number. She did a marvelous job as your personal shopper. What a great friend.


I think you make most people who you meet in blogland, IG or in person feel like they know you or they connect with you in some way :-)I know it's made me feel that way. She was spot on with you and what you love. Great gift to receive!
I still think those spun heads aren't down this way....I always look for those when I'm out for you too :-)
Have a great day!


What a great gift and oh yes, she has you nailed!


Perfect! (For someone who claims to be a snob on several fronts, you're really pretty nice.)

shirley hatfield

Doreen was right...you make your readers feel like you are accessible and "just down the road" like a neighbor or friend. Hope that doesn't make some of us giddy "stalkers"...yikes! A few of us call our blog friends "imaginary friends." But in a good way. =D


Isn't it amazing how our blog buddies can send the BEST gifts? I have received some very lovely surprises over the years that are just SPOT ON! My own husband never buys me a gift because, "I don't know what you like." Uh, hellooooo?

Musings from Kim K.

What an awesome friend who "gets" you. Blogging friends are the most generous of friends. Vintage inspired gifts are the best kind!!


Oh Happy Day!!! Fun, fun!


Ive got a box for you too. I promise some day I will get that thing mailed. On the plus side I keep adding more to it :) Aren't blog friends the best?

Michelle K

Yay Laurie! I'm so glad you liked all of your prizes! Aren't those cards a hoot?! I can't imagine what game would be played with them! I think your the bees knees, and I'll keep an eye out for more treasures for you! Happy Friday!


Boy, oh boy, she does get you!! What a delight to find such a box of goodies. She is a good bloggy friend. Just catching up after being gone a while. Love the August Instagram shots. The clowns don't bother me either. You really have quite a few when put together. Still think the shoes are super cute!!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

How nice of her to think of you and how perfect was everything she included.

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