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September 06, 2014



I haven't seen those Santa's either. Cute! And always fun to add Santa mugs that you didn't already have. Love the deer too!
Fun stuff-
Erica :)


Fun finds as always. I love that big diamond ring baby rattle- that's anew one to me.

When I was about seven, I asked Santa for a Mechanics Creeper. I thought it would be super handy since I always laid in the floor and colored and drew. Santa didn't bring me one. I was sad. :(

Chris McKinley

A fun day estate saling!!! Is that a Duck shirt I spy??

Musings from Kim k.

Still loving those concrete deer. Of course you found spunhead Santa figurines. Love those styrofoam Santas too. The glue gun holster is perfect!! You need to share it all bedazzled.


Oh man. Could those little brooms be any more perfect for Halloween crafting? How do you find these things?!

I am on the hunt for a coffee table for my upstairs today at Coburg. I have been planning on giving Alex the one that is up there and he is finishing up his move this week! I'd better get my thinking cap on too. Who wants a regular table?



Oh that celluloid flower pot is too cute!


HaHa!!! Quick-draw Ethel is a fitting name since your estate sale marksmanship is spot on!

Eddie Mitchell

Her name was Laurie, but we all called her the Glue Gun Kid. She was the pride of West Pecos. She never chased off any outlaws with that fancy pistol of hers, but she shore made some purty things with it.


Shara's comment cracks me up! Am I correct in thinking the holster should go on your right (unlees you are left handed). Next you need repurpose an ammo belt-to hold glue sticks.


Fun things once again! Glad you stopped that lady from writing the price on that box. Thrift stores do that all the time (or put tape all over things). I find it a real shame. Something lasts for 60 years then someone takes a marker to it and ruins it in three seconds. We need to hand out pamplets!


Love the time line you gave. The celluloid flower and the spun head Mr. and Mrs. Clause are my favorites of this post. I am always shocked that people don't understand about marking and stickers on old boxes. Thank goodness it wasn't already priced!!


Ha! You're so funny running back and forth. Of course it all worked out for you! Love those styrofoam Santas and the big Santa head :-) Like those party horns too. Nice score for those dishes.The holster with the glue fun fits you just right! Wish I could find some concrete animals for the yard! I never see any for sale or I guess I don't go to the right sales or someone beats me to it! Did have fun yesterday running around Jacksonville though :-)


i love those concrete deer so much! i have FOUR in my yard alrady, but i need a laying down mama deer like that!


How in the heaven's name do you always find such great stuff? You are so very lucky to live in such a great area where there is such a great vintage selection!!

Those are really different Santa mugs - so cute!!


Love to see what you find at the sales! The "Have A Happy Day" cup brought back memories. We sold these one year when I was in school for the band department. Too fun!

Melissa's Antiques

Fun finds! Love the (glue) gun holster! :)

Into Vintage

Shuddering about the sharpie price on the box -- catastrophe averted! Hope you don't glue the gun into the holster. But then again, you know your way around a glue gun. I. Do. Not.

Laurel Liebl

Love, love, love your finds! --- Also want to mention (maybe you know) that your holster is on the wrong side. :)


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