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September 27, 2014



That table cloth is hilarious! I luv the bag of party horns. Great with your New Years decs. I got my package (luv it) and it inspired me to start my Halloween decorating, post to come!

Mary Steinbrink

Glad you are back! I missed your happy posts! They always brighten my day! I love the table cloth and the Halloween magazine!


Glad you are back-you were missed! That oil cloth is great! Just saying "oil cloth" makes me smile!


Hope you get your new MAC soon. I wouldn't survive without mine. LOL! Love all the cute finds. that oilcloth is hilarious.

Musings from Kim k.

Glad to have you back in blog land. Curious about the aquarium and Halloween. Loving those party horns. That oilcloth is fabulous.


Happy to see your blog up and running :-) I tried making a comment earlier but either my computer messed up or I forgot to send it and it got deleted. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with that aquarium. I have some guesses so we'll have to wait and see. I see one of my elves found it's way up there again! He he he.
We hit a couple sales here today but they were just duds. They're winding down here now too.


It's getting to be pretty quiet down here too. I went to a few sales on Friday and did okay but you can tell it's just about over. People really don't want to be giving garage sales when there is college football on!

That tablecloth is amazing. I am almost positive it is the same one I saw at the last Palmer Wirfs show that the guy was asking $65 for!!



I'm glad you are up and running too! I love your posts and your finds! hugs! karen....


That oil cloth is a riot!! I pulled vintage wallpaper that was being used as shelf liner out of a closet last weekend. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Sheryl Remy

The oilcloth is a hoot and I love the coin purse. I hate that the sales are starting to wind down, it my entertainment.

Into Vintage

Hang in there, computer! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sales yet -- I recall some of my best finds were during October (she said wishfully). My chicken isn't stewed just yet... ;-)

Joanna Jerome

So many great finds! I started going to estate sales after I saw the things that you have found...it's been a great encouragement to me. I have had to miss two really good ones the past two weekends but I will be in Round Top in a couple of days. I have my fingers crossed!!

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