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October 07, 2014



Perfect! I swear there isn't anything we can throw at you that you don't have!
I don't know what is more impressive, the wonderful items you have or your extreme organizational skills!
Looking forward to a Halloween decorating entry soon!!!


Alex asked me once why we have so many mirrors in the house. It's so hard to pass them up with the fun embellishments that some of them have. Plus, they are great space fillers! I am on the hunt for some good ones for the bathroom remodel. Love those bird ones the best!


Melissa's Antiques

I have no idea how you fit so much vintage goodness in your house! You should write a post about how you do it... I'd be interested, since I live in a pretty small house (1080 sq ft).


I've never seen that many kinds of mirrors in one house before! I'm also amazed at how many different shapes there are. Love those bird ones! It's not a horrific glimpse of chaos either....I was drooling over the boxes of goodness esp the snowmen. Great idea to use a mirror for seasonal decorating too. Never thought of using an old medicine cabinet somewhere else besides a bathroom! You look great in the mirrors too:-) I'm surprised there's not one with you covered in glitter!
I need more coffee now!
Thanks for sharing this great post of mirrors! Your house is just too cute too :-)


Only you would have a glitter detector mirror!

Paula K

I heard a truth somewhere recently - glitter is the herpes of the crafting world. Once you have it, it's with you FOREVER!

Alison Z.

Another collection I love! The bird mirrors are my favorite. I love the last shot, the reflections are perfect, especially since you matched your pants to the flowers.

Musings from Kim K.

Of course I love this post because in addition to seeing another fabulous collection, it's another opportunity to show off your amazing house and how you've displayed all your treasures!


You can never have too many mirrors, if you ask me. they add so much extra light to the house. I adore the tri-fold in Kate's room.

Into Vintage

Still taunting me with the mirror that got away, I see. :-) Those birdie mirrors are my favorites and so perfect in your birdie bathroom. You really do have the eye for making it all work together. Another great collection!


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the craftiest of them all?

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