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October 14, 2014


Melissa's Antiques

The precursor to fortune cookies. I think I'd enjoy it more if the Chinese restaurants gave out these mottoes instead! :)


I love the ones with the rose stickers and the tiny charms are my favorite part. Another neat collection!

Musings from Kim K.

It's the fringe and amazing vintage stickers that make these crackers so wonderful! I can't believe how many you still have in their original packaging.

Sheryl Remy

That's it. You are offically the eighth wonder of the world.


What a fun post! I love that you give a little history lesson on you finds too. I would have opened up one to peek in them too just to see :-)
Amazing that there wasn't much in those party crackers or Mottos. I think the stickers, fringe and decorations on the outside are better than what's inside of them. I forgot about those little dolls you had. Those are wonderful too!
Finally a cool and overcast day down this way so it actually feels like Fall. We were still up to 80 yesterday afternoon! Looks like some rain is coming this week too. I'm totally ready! Doesn't seem like Halloween or the Fall when I have the a/c on in the afternoons and there's full sunshine in our family room full of pumpkins and things. Have coffee in hand :-)


I think this is one of my favorite collections. The ones from the 30's are precious. The nursery rhymes adorable, and the rest are just so great. Halloween AND Thanksgiving!! Sweet Surprise ball. I used to love getting those as a kid. A very Happy collection.


I'd love to sit and read all of the little verses in these. I wonder if they are excerpts from poems, or if they were written specifically for the crackers, like greeting card verses. Interesting! And I love the graphics, especially on the nursery rhyme ones.


I could never, ever, ever NOT look in those crackers to see the "sarprises". I don't think I have ever encountered a cracker in all my vintage hunts. *Also, when I saw the title, I had no idea what sort of cracker was a party cracker. Saltine? Club? Cheezit? Oyster? :)

Liz D

Nice collection. Loved the last pink one.


I love that collection displayed in the wooden box. So neat. I remember when you did "surgery" on that angel! Did you ever figure out what the sarprises where? Fun collection, and again, something I have never seen. Ill keep my eye out!


When Maddie was little, she would always buy the newer version of these during the holidays and put them our place settings. I see these from time to time but always in display cases. I guess they are trying to keep people like me from opening them up :-)



Very fun! Shows strength of character not to open them!


I have never seen these for occasions other than Christmas; we always had crackers when I was growing up - an English tradition I have continued each year. So seeing all these is wonderful! You have an amazing collection.

Lisa W.

Love, Love, Love the cracker collection ! Oh the Thanksgiving crackers ...... wow ! What a lucky find ...... clever you for finding them !

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