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October 21, 2014



I don't think I have one single skeleton in my Halloween hoard. Must be because they are all living in your window or on your porch in Skeleton Land!

See you Saturday!


Melissa's Antiques

Skeletons were my favorite part of Halloween, when I was young. According to my mother I called them "bone boys." :)


I just love your house during the holidays! Your skeleton window display is just the coolest! Love the big guy :-) I haven't seen those super friendly happy fellows before except from you or IG. I'll have to be on the hunt for those now. I just love how things look during the day and they come to life in the evening. Had my eye on a couple skeletons and a big head in Costco and now I wish I would have got them!
Thanks for all the great ideas and inspirations :-)

Sheryl Remy

You are the only person I know of who uses umbrellas for Halloween display. But it works. Its totally awesome or in other terms "sweet."


Your neighbors must really enjoy walking past your front window and seeing how you decorate for various seasons. Every house in my neighborhood just has a pumpkin on the porch.

Musings from Kim K.

You know I love this time of year/holiday and I especially enjoy seeing so many of your special collections all grouped together!


Love it all!!! Especially the polka dotted umbrella. I got several old skeletons this past year at sales. There is just something about "dem bones". I look forward to seeing even more Halloween decorations.
You are always so inspiring!


Must admit skeletons are not my favorite but your window is really great!!

janet johnson

Good job! Spooky without being too scary.
I have got to remember to save old umbrellas.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Awesome Laurie! Added bonus - it flows perfectly into Day of the Dead decor. I would be so excited to be a trick-or-treater at your house!

Methinks maybe you & I were BOTH prop masters in a previous life....;)


Yikes! Me thinks more than a few neighborhood kids are gong to be spooked with this! Awesome display, as always...


That big head is pretty spooky all lit up. I think my favorite skeletons are the small ones holding the pumpkin heads. I'm all about the cute-and-cuddly skeletons, not the I-might-eat-your-head-off skeletons :)


EEEEK!!! It looks great with the lights and the littles will love it when trick-or-treating.


great display, the kids are gonna love coming to your house!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Bone chilling collection!

Into Vintage

ooh! I love that skeleton in the window when it's lit up -- very spooky! His missing teeth are an added creepy bonus.


Of course you have the best skelly collection! you are the queen of collections. I seriously think there could be a book of just your goodies. Id buy it! I think you should do it!
happy day Laurie!

Eddie Mitchell

Skulls and skeletons are some of my favorite things. If I were thirty years younger, I would be one of those goth kids.

Betty in Arlington

Oh my! What Halloween fun! I Made leaf decorations out of fabric cause I can't get out with taking care of Dad and baby! What wonderful things! I remember those as a child! A Halloween umbrella??! Laurie, too much!

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