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October 28, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Your checkerboard pattern clipboard is pretty nifty. I can see why you'd use this for photoshoots.


You need to write a book or something on all your collections! I always thought of a clipboard as being brown with a clip on it! LOL I'm partial to the checkered one.
Love the one your mom gave you too.
Thanks for sharing :-)

Maria (Magia Mia)

Clipboards always catch my eye too. Actually, most old office supplies get my attention. Even if it's just old boxes of paperclips, no doubt for the boxes' graphics.

That red clip is awesome, but so is the checkerboard!


Neat little collection, especially the green checker one.


I never would have guessed clip boards.... Love the one your mom gave you and the metal one looks like hammered aluminum. Fun group.


Well this is an interesting collection. How do you display/use them? I think they would be great hanging in an office. I'm on the hunt now!



Hmmm...write a book...wonder where you heard that before! :o)

Into Vintage

Very cute and unusual collection but that's no surprise coming from you. Always fun to see things through your eyes and no doubt cute clipboards will be jumping out at me from all over now.

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