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October 04, 2014



Yep...Holiday Sprinkles. Two very cute words put together. You had to have it. Fun stuff! I'm heading up north in the morning to deliver a rescue dog to his new home. On the way back I plan on hitting up several small towns to look for sales or antique stores. Here's hopin!

Musings from Kim K.

Looks like a great day of digging. That tag on the Santa hat is super cute. When you shared that on IG, I could see immediately why you picked it up. I recently picked up a stash of orange craft straw from an estate sale. I need to google some crafting ideas.


I swear that every single piece of vintage crafting stuff has made its way to live in Portland. I never, I mean NEVER, find any down here. Which is unfortunate for you because if I did, it would be on it's way to you!

Have a great Sunday. FINALLY decorating for Halloween here. Boys are hunting so they won't get in my way.



Great finds, especially the vintage deer and the egg cups - love those!


Great score for crafting! I agree with you on the pipe cleaners. They are much better than the newer stuff :) Love that groovy looking tablecloth. I think yard sales are done down this way. I've seen a few signs up but it looks like people just cleaning out their garage and throwing stuff out there. Ready to put all the plastic bins of black and orange back in the attic now. Been tough getting things put out this year.....always next year and Christmas is next :-) We've been close to 90 deg the last couple of days and still into this coming week!! Hard to get in the Fall decorating mode too when you have the a/c on and having to keep watering Fall pansies and other plants daily or twice daily sometimes!
Love seeing all your pics on IG :-)


Very crafty! Love that green deer. I would have added that one to my collection (if I were still adding to that collection). Also like the little ducky egg cup!


I like the old plastic flowers too. Easier to clean for one thing. That is the same Holly H paper my mom used in the 70s to make some decoupage and 3-D pictures.


I think 'Holiday Sprinkles' should be your stripper name. :D

This post also reminds me that I saw a brand new roll of gift wrap lying in the middle of the highway today. Hmmmm.

Sheryl Remy

I love the holiday tags. I remember using some of those Hallmark tags and the matching papers.

Melissa's Antiques

Fun craft-bound finds as always!

Alison Z.

When I was a little girl my room was decorated in Hollie Hobbie wallpaper. I just might have to buy some of that wrapping paper! LOL. I love that you texted to get your name on the list. Can't wait to see the Holiday Sprinkles in your displays.

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