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October 17, 2014


Sheryl Remy

Just goes to show that good things happen to good people. That zebra is fantasic. I have never seen that silver starred ball anywhere before either.


I love that chalkware Santa - I've never seen one like him before. And the card of jingle bells is awesome! What a lucky day you had!


It is so nice when people know what you like and point you in the right direction. Happy finds, for sure. There is a Mexican Restaurant across the street from our library. I don't think they have any vintage Chirstmas in there......


Wow! Great stuff. I agree your little zebra is quite the wonderful little guy!

Paula K

Does the big foil ball look handmade or store bought? I seem to remember taking a Christmas Crafts class many, many years ago and we made something like this from aluminum pie pans. We also made big holiday balls from Christmas cards cut into circles and then bent on three 'sides' and glued together.


Talk about having the junking mojo going for you!! That zebra is extra cool and you know I adore all the dear deer.


You definitely have the vintage karma. Who goes to the library and finds things just across the street? The deer are pretty and I really like the Santa sleigh with the deer.

janet johnson

Is the zebra a wind-up? Pretty cute.


Wow! What a score and how convenient that it was across the street from where you were! I love those foil danglers. I found a few of those last year. Those ornaments and zebra....too cute. Glad you got your fix :-)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Good things happen to people who return their library books on time (said the woman who works at a library). That zebra is the cutest.

Musings from Kim k.

It was serendipitous luck to be at the library at that particular time. So much hi day goodness!!!


I guess the junk finds you, huh? But that is what happens when you are a local celebrity :-)



Fun stuff. Like those goofy ornament people, and what a cool zebra!


What a serendipitous trip to the library! Love, love, love that zebra!

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