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November 20, 2014



I think Maddie and I may be headed back up to Portland on Saturday morning for Plucky. I don't think I will be able to stand not going this year. So two trips up and down I5 it will have to be!

Hanna will be there tomorrow night. You will get to see that baby bump before I do!



Silly! You won't need any luck :-) You are the best in getting things shipped out. I swear your elves must come to life there or you must have some special pixie dust!
For some reason I don't like looking at my own clutter or mess but yours never looks that way! It just looks like vintage goodness and fun to me LOL
It'll be all gone and organized before you know it. So Kate doesn't sleep among the Santas and reindeers? One of these days I'll have to make it up that way to a show!
Have coffee in hand and enjoying your blog!


Hey, if I lived in the same town I'd help you. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you at the Laurelhurst show!

Musings from Kim K.

If I lived closer, I'd be there with bells on! Best wishes getting everything down. I'm sure you'll have another fabulous showing this weekend!


It will be magical! Wish I could be there!


I am looking forward to seeing it all in person on Saturday. Wishing you loads of good luck!!


Can't wait for tomorrow! I will see you soon!


Those pesky kids coming home for the holidays when they should know we need their rooms for storage! I've got the same (happy) problem! Love looking at your stacks and piles of goodies!


Congrats on the record breaking sales! I know what you mean about needing a clone. Actually...as I typed that I realized that having an identical twin probably counts! LOL But, she doesn't help me AT ALL when it comes to decorating. Yes, she'd have to be a mind reader like you say. Vintage is not her thing.
Have Fun!
Erica :)

Into Vintage

Hmm. I still say we need to a giant studio space. Giant. Congrats on your much deserved success -- I know how hard you work and it's no surprise how popular your unique, whimsical creations are. You go, Ethel!


WOW! Look at that! Fun fun fun, gives me the giggles.

I don't think there's any shortage of eager elves out there willing to come to your aid and be surrounded by all that vintage wonderfulness and cuteness and be in your company. I know I would in a heartbeat if I weren't in Los Angeles.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your dear ones!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Wow Wow Wow!!! I'm in awe as usual. I have no immediate plans of growing up, but if I do, I wanna be the crafting machine and vintage shopping master just like you....(and have your crafting space).

Methinks the one person who would qualify to be your clone and mind-reader would be Amy. Good luck this weekend, but I don't think you need any. You've amassed quite the following of Magpie aficionados...;)


Oh Laurie, what fun!! I wish I could be your helping elf! Love your deer!! I have a thing for deer lately. I mean the real ones too. ha ha Just such beautiful creatures. I hope to maybe purchase one of your deer. I have my eye one one of them.!! On the second shelf all the way to the right, she is peeking out with a blue flower in her hair! (giggles). May I ask where you get the white boxes? I might need some of those too! Good luck with your sale! Wish I could be there!


Patti McCarthy

I would gladly help you if I weren't on the East coast! Great luck at your shows - your things are awesome!

Nelda Johnson

Oh wow, it looks great! I would love to come shop at your house. You have done an incredible job putting everything together. Love it all.


Busy, busy, busy. I complain all the time that no one helps me. But, in reality, only I know and understand what I am doing when I am sorting for the different booths and shows. It is our own little world, isn't it? I currently have a booth 1 pile, booth 2 pile, ebay on pile, ebay to be listed pile, etsy to be listed and a donate pile. I am piled up over here! And we won't even talk about getting ready to decorate for Christmas! PILES!

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