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November 18, 2014



I just found another vintage Christmas apron at the thrift the other day. I didn't realize how many I have until I pulled them out of a tub yesterday. Maddie says we have to wear them when we bake this year. I may have to alter one for Hanna :-)


Mary Steinbrink

I love all your aprons! What a cheery way to wake up on a freezing day! Thanks for sharing!


There is nothing like a vintage apron, and these are terrific! I keep thinking that they would make cute kitchen valances during the holidays, and you wouldn't have to do anything but clip them to a rod!


Oh my gosh these are cute! I have a cute kittens one like your puppies. I just love these! I should pull mine out...not sure how to display them though. I like Erica's idea :-) I love following you on IG but I still love coming on here with my coffee and looking at all the eye candy!
Noticed you practically sold out! I'm happy for you but I knew you would! You're going to need Santa and his sleigh to haul your stuff to the post office now LOL!!
Have a wonderful day.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

I thought for sure you'd be modeling them for us :( Oh, well. I'm sure we'll get picture of you in that very cool Santa shirt that Amy made!


I love the green one with the bells on the bottom! I am planning to make it over to Plucky this time and SO looking forward to it.

Musings from Kim k.

Darling collection. I'm sure your special shirt will be perfect this weekend!! Be sure to get some selfies!!


I run across a lot of aprons and I try really hard to release them to other collectors. But Christmas aprons are a hard one to let go! Those and my much loved gingham rainbow of aprons. I love that shirt - I am trying to come up with some fun things to wear when I do shows. I am not much of a fashionista though.

Into Vintage

Looking forward to seeing you in your holiday attire at Plucky Maidens. Lucky to be the seamstress for a talented vintage crafter ;-)

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