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January 06, 2015



I remember dollar pancakes, although we called them silver dollar pancakes. I wonder what Baby Soup is??
Certainly more healthy choices than you see on any children's menu today!

Kimberly Kenward

Oh to have those prices now! The graphics are fantastic. Wouldn't they be fun to frame and hang in a kitchen or dining room.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Ok, that's it! I think you have a collection of just about EVERYTHING now. I didn't even know children's menus were a thing back in the day. Off to make some fried chicken now.


These are precious. I'm always amazed at what people kept.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love this collection! I would never have thought about these sweet kids menu's!


Cereal with half and half. Can you imagine that on a menu nowadays? Skim Milk and non sugary cereals are all you can get now. I'll take a Little Jack Horner, thank you!

**Another fun collection!

Paula K

I'm curious about the item on the Grand Canyon menu - Baby Soup. What could that have been? Hopefully not made from babies ;)


I'm hungry now too LOL, what a cute collection! Love that darling Yellowstone bear one 😊 The Farmer Boy restaurant one has great graphics too. So much fun looking at the menu and prices 😀

janet johnson

Oooh, these are so cute. Love the bear but he does look like he's been into some fermented berries.
I hope you had a Happy Birthday. The cards do make me smile.


I love this collection! I bought a Perkins menu from the 70s which is when I worked there. The back page is the Children's Menu which includes "Fancy Pants" a.k.a. Strawberry Pancakes and The Little Cowpoke. One preschooler ordered for himself when I was a waitress and asked me for 'a little cow pie' I laughed so hard I had to leave the table!


Those graphics were so cute. It looks like kids ate much healthier back in the day!


These are so sweet and would be great to frame and hang in a nursery!



This is about the sweetest thing ever!!! I've never seen such a thing. "Warm your bottle for you"-where did service like that go? :o)
It's all about the graphics. They are too cute. Oh and the clever names! I wish we could go back to treating our little ones like little ones.


Very cute-- and contains history too! Sure showcases how diets and prices have changed. And happy belated bday too!

Nan York

Had no clue there were children's menus around to collect. Leave it to Laurie to know this fact. Nan


Wow what a unique collection!! I really enjoyed looking at these. Thanks for sharing!

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