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January 27, 2015


Linda @ A La Carte

Love this collection. My Dad loved office supplies for some reason and I found some very cool things in his stuff.


What a fun collection! I love paper and office supplies like these make my heart go pitter pat!

Melissa's Antiques

I love old office supplies like these. I always pick them up when I find them!

Sheryl Remy

I love how they look like little books collections when lined up.

janet johnson

Love the little boxes.
I recently tried to use the hole repair circles to fix some torn holes in an old Betty Crocker cookbook and found that the glue no longer held. I had to use a glue stick -- tedious --but looked great when finished.


I think my mom had one of those large books of stickers. I have a very small collection of the little ones. I have always loved office supplies for some strange reason. Fun collection!


LOVE all of it!


Those old canning labels are great. Currants! Another fun collection - they just keep on coming......


I am a sucker for new office supplies so I'd probably go a little crazy if I ever found anything as cute as vintage ones!! I'm gonna pay better attention now at the sales for sure. What a fun way to decorate my office!

Guess what I did? I got my hotel reservations for Farm Chicks yesterday. I am so EXCITED!! Since it is during my birthday weekend, we splurged and are staying at the Davenport. I cannot wait!!!!


Betty in arlington

Oh, I remember these well going thru the parents' stuff last summer! Did you find carbon paper? I did! Remember carbon paper?


I love this collection! I have a collection of the little Dennison boxes and two of the large ones. One of my favorite things to find. I just posted about finding one at The Bins, of all places.

Musings from Kim K.

This post reminds me of my grandfather's HUGE wooden desk at his work. It's now in my mother's studio. His desk was in the balcony of his women's & children's clothing store and it was filled with lots of office supplies. I'm sure many of these items would have been stashed in his drawers. This is another splendid collection.


Be still my heart!!! For some reason office supplies are a real favorite of mine. You are lucky to have found so many great items. I recently found a huge tape dispenser and metal file divider-$1.00 each at a thrift store. Made my day!!!


Great collection. Love the graphics. Enjoying playing catch up with you today. Have a good one.


Ha! Looks like the old storage room from when I was cleaning out our old offices... lots of things left from many years ago! Love the air mail pads.

Eddie Mitchell

Trying to start my blogging/email/life catch up now that the great booth exodus is over. I have always had an overly abundant love for office supplies. I cannot go into Staples alone, or I might come out with 27 staple removers and 42 bottles of white out. I also really love it when I find what I call "practical" vintage items in their original packaging. In other words, I love this here collection! Especially all the labels! Awesome! My mother had scads of those steno pads everywhere when I was growing up. She had gone to secretarial school and learned how to do dictation, but she kept the pads around because they were so handy and useful. She always had one in her purse. I still have 3 or 4 of hers I found when I was cleaning out her stuff after she died.


I am a sucker for this stuff. Most of the time back East, they would simply give it away!

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