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January 17, 2015



The sand bucket is so darn cute! Sometimes just finding one great thing is enough!
Glad the trip was a success!
Erica :)


Great finds! So cute!!!


I never see any of those sand buckets down this way. Great graphics and score! Double score with a shoe box and two complete puzzles inside 😊


I see those buckets from time to time but always priced about 50 times higher than what you paid. Lucky!!

Got bit by the junk bug this morning. I think Maddie and I are going to head up to Albany while the boys head to a movie.

Have a great day!


Musings from Kim k.

I'm still in shock at that fabuluous price on that bucket. The graphics are amazing for those sweet puzzles. Well spent $2. I can waste that kind of money on beverages.

Linda @ A La Carte

The bucket was a big score for sure! Love the puzzles also. It was a good day!


I am often just as happy with a couple good finds as I am with a car load full. I would say those are four happy finds, indeed. I love that the puzzle pieces re cut the same way for both puzzles. Strange little pieces too.


What a great find with that bucket! That is a collection I would love to have- Sand buckets and shovels but never find them at a decent price. I did get one Hanna Barbara bucket and sold it in the booth (I think) but I am more fond of the simple ones with children like yours. Love those puzzles too! Hugs! karen...


Great finds and great prices!!!:)


I see a cabin at Cannon Beach in your future and a table spread with jigsaw puzzles!

Dorothy Crutchfield

Oh. My. Gosh. Those puzzles just made the day!!


Great finds and greater prices!


What a bonus on those puzzles, they are adorable!!


Maybe you rubbed the bucket on the way to the cash register and the Estate Sale Genie granted your wish. :-)

Melissa's Antiques

Can't complain about $2 for a few fun finds!

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