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January 23, 2015



I've never been to an Ikea but every time someone shows something form there I wish we had one. You do need a lot of storage for all your fun wacky stuff. And now you have it!


Love the old pinker in the last photo! Plus those little wooden trays made out of old yardsticks.. mmmmm...


great! perfect! and I loved the vintage crib as a bench too.
have a great weekend!

Musings from Kim K.

Amazing how much storage those two cabinets provided! The color is really pretty too. Of course, my favorite part is all the cute stuff you put on top to decorate. I keep blowing up that picture to spy new things.


I love when you show how you organize your spaces. Good, practical ideas are always appreciated! And you are the queen of organization! :o)


It's a good thing that you decorated the top before it became another catchall! I found a cute bookshelf at Glory Days (The Vintage industry...I just can't get used to calling it that) yesterday for my tablecloths. I'm excited to decorate the top of it too. I have contemplated buying that cabinet to use as a coffee table upstairs several times. I love it!

Have a great weekend!



I agree, the missed bin was a blessing in disguise! This cabinet is perfect and it is so fun to have a new flat spot on top for display. The magnets are a great tip. I never noticed your open and closed sign hanging in the window before.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love those cabinets and what wonderful storage! Good job!

Mary Steinbrink

What a great find for storage. I'm looking to reorganize my tiny craft corner and this will give me some inspiration! I just wish I had an Ikea nearby! Thanks for sharing!

Carol Tootalian

You always have the best ideas and execute them perfectly.


What a perfect find! Love the color and the sliding doors and the fact that you can kind of see through them. Those magnets are a really handy addition. It all looks cute and organized and like it's been there all along.


The cabinets look wonderful, I think I will have to check into those.


LOVE it! It turned out just perfectly!
It's always fun to rearrange our crafting supplies. :)
Hope you're out hunting today!


LOVE the cabinets!! Great color too!!!

twinkle beverages

After reading your blog entry, my father and I went to IKEA to buy a TV stand. My father goes for the meatballs...of-course! They only had one, but that will do for now. Thanks for inspiration. I have a big metal desk and I am thinking the cart will become a shelving unit of some sorts. Enjoy your day!

Melissa's Antiques

Love the set up. I need to redo my office/studio so badly! It has bins of vintage Christmas that didn't sell piled up on the floor.

Now you need to do a full studio tour! I know you've done one before, but it's ever-changing! :)


That's a great idea. And bonus, you can add cute magnets to the outside too! I may have to borrow that idea, I have been contemplating different storage issues in my basement. I love IKEA.


Nice. Excellent solution.


Oh that is awesome, love the colour and the magnet idea is genius!

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