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February 03, 2015


Musings from Kim K.

Such a fun collection and I really like how you've paired them with special Valentines for this post.


Sweet collection! I love handkerchiefs, too, and, like you, wish there were more ways to display them. They make a great collectible since they take up so little space. As for the message on the one, I am reading it as My Valentine. M-(swirl, swirl, Bow, swirl, swirl)-Y on one side, and Vale-(swirl, swirl, Bow, swirl, swirl)-ntine on the other.


Fold the script valentine hankie in quarters to the 1st letter clearly written. My mother's day hankies are like this valentine's day hankie and had to be folded to read the word's.
Your valentines are quite fun and cute too. :)


Genius Paula! I hope you post a photo of the folded hankie so we can see what it says...

Adorable hankies and Valentines - which reminds me I need to get mine out!


They are adorable, and I love your Valentines too! I love vintage Valentines they remind me of my childhood!
Maybe you could hang your hankies on a cord with the mini clothespins and make a bunting of sorts? Just an idea! Have a great week! karen...

Linda @ A La Carte

Love this collection! Adorable hankies and I also see 'My Valentine' on that one hankie!


That rowboat Valentine is the cutest thing ever! I have a huge collection myself, but have never seen one that like! Adorable!


I agree with My Valentine. I also see a lot of swirls, like Tammy said. But I like Paula's idea and would love to see a picture if that works!


Darling hankies and I love the Valentines you used to display them with! 💖💕 I didn't get all my hankies out since I wasn't sure how to display all of them. Love the circle one with the hearts all around it!


Oh, you know I adore this collection! I have never, ever, seen a round hankie before. I don't know how you do it but you find the most interesting things.


It's a puzzle hanky! here's a few examples of how to fold:

Janet Johnson

A cute way to display hankies is to pin them (clothespins that is) to a clothesline and hang them like a banner. Easy to take down when you're tired of them and they are still as good as new! You can also hang them this way over a window as a valance.


Great collection of hankies and valentines! I have seen hankies displayed in a spoon rack, they just tucked the folded corner into the spoon slot. It was super cute!


Valentine's hankies are the only ones I let myself collect. Otherwise things would get way more out of control around here than normal. Do you know how easy it is to find hankies?!



So sweet! Love the last valentine too-- the boat. Too cool! Read the post above about the puzzle hanky. New to me too. Interesting!

The Hanky Dress Lady

The hanky you can't figure out is a called a puzzle or secret message hanky. Folded properly it will reveal its message and create a picture.
Here is a link to information about them on my blog:

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