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February 10, 2015



Well this collection is so "cool"!!!
I can see a chapter titled "collections" in that book of yours................


So cute! That last one makes my heart go pitter pat! Thanks for sharing! karen...


You just amaze me in what you have😄 That is just too adorable!
Can't wait to see which direction you're going to take. I can see the gears spinning in your head as I type 😉
Have a great day ! Sitting here with a cup of coffee finally 💕


All kitchen stuff made smaller is wonderful! Love the fridges as well as the percolator on top of the larger one. Do you have any collections of toy stoves or toy teapots?
Happy Valentine's Day!~soon


I love the collection but I don't think I could keep the tin refrigerator closed. I believe I would use the shelves for tiny display items and enjoy the graphics on the door. How cute are those?! Thanks for showing the budding collection.


I love the old graphics on that Wolverine Refrigerator. I have my stove and refrigerator from my childhood. They are big - just the right height for my when I played with them. I also have a small counter top one that I plan on putting all my baking sprinkles in someday. I imagine you have things tucked away (like I do) and don't realize what you have until you pick up another one. That's half the fun of junking though......


They are all so cute, but the metal one takes the prize. I'll be watching your Estate sale finds for more little fridges. I don't think you will pass up a good one.

Musings from Kim K.

What fun! I'm in agreement with Melissa. I think you need to create a book of your collections. I have a metal toy refrigerator that I keep next to the coffee maker filled with coffee supplies. One of your bingo magnets is on the front door so I get my Magpie fix each morning.


That toy percolator made my heart race! Oh my gosh, how cute is that?? re: your newest fridge - I remember my grandmother's old fridge - the freezer fit an ice tray or two and that was about all, but it took up most of the top of the fridge, just like the dollhouse version! Love it!

Maria (MagiaMia)

I don't know which I like better...the sleek Deco fridge or the tin graphic goodness. Either way, I honestly don't know how you are able to tear yourself away from your home. It's a Whimsy Wonderland. Your own little world you've created to make you happy. Just perfection....makes me smile...:)


I had to laugh when I read this post. Of course Laurie has a refrigerator collection. Super cute one too. I am always drawn to the tiny stoves and refrigerators I see but they are usually priced high. That tin metal one is my favorite!


Do you ever feel like you need a bigger house? lol! cute little fridgies you've got there!
happy wednesday

Eddie Mitchell

The best collections are the ones that just kind of happen like this. You turn around, and BLAM! You have a collection of adorable toy fridges! Awesome stuff. My favorite thing about the tin toys is the way they are decorated on the inside and the outside.


I just love the detail on those tiny treasures! They look so much like the real thing.

Somehow, I have started an accidental collection of vintage toy fish (?!). Now that I have a baby niece on the way, I have been justifying more vintage toy purchases. I love having a new reason to buy cute stuff!



Had to chuckle about how we cross that magic line without quite realizing it - LOL! BTW... last time I was at Nina and Joe's they had quite a bit of dollhouse furniture. I don't recall if there was a refrigerator.


I love Kim K.'s idea to store coffee supplies in a tin litho fridge! I know you posted a "collection" of doll houses in the past but you only showed a couple. Do you have any more to show?? Love rosie

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