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February 17, 2015



Can you believe this crazy weather?! 67 degrees down here yesterday. I came home to find Brian mowing the lawn. In February!

I have quite a few of those tiny vases too. They seem to be pretty easy to find but I would love to find one like the green one you have. It's so pretty!!

Enjoy the sun!


Beth Boothe

LoVe this Sweet Post!!!!!
LOVE the Vases and your beautiful flowers!!!!
I'm one of those "slammed" with the Ice Storm
and stranded in my home town in east TN!
No Blooms here ;)

Linda @ A La Carte

I love your collection! They are so sweet and such a fun thing to search for. Love that mint green one also. I have a blue,yellow,white, red and pink mini in my small collection. Thanks for sharing it!

Beth Boothe

I meant WEST TN!!!!! ;)


So pretty, send some spring this way please. It's only 5 degrees today.


So sweet! I can see these lined up on a farmhouse windowsill with dandelions and other treasures brought home by the kids. And yes, this weather is wonderful - I hope we don't pay for it later!


It was been weirdly warm all Winter here too. I wore a T-Shirt and Capris to the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday. Yesterday it was 11 degrees with ice and snow. Going to warm up this weekend, then more ice next week. Weird, weird.

Miniature pottery was one of my first collections and one that I still LOVE. I have lots of pieces - probably 50 or so. But, I have been searching them out a long time. They are always super cheap. I had one that rang a bell on an Antiques Roadshow episode. I pulled it out (Indian pottery) and sold it for $287. So, I figure all my pottery is pretty much free after that! I wonder if the third on in the row is a toothpicker. Many times they are.


Super cute collections. Its hard to believe all those different flowers are already blooming in Oregon. We are having a pretty mild winter. Not as warm as you guys but not tons of snow like the east coast. Somewhere in the middle, hey that's Kansas, right smack in the middle :)

Musings from Kim k.

I'm getting caught up on your blog. Such a fun collection. I'm envious of your spring blooms. Another snow storm is brewing outside tonight. I turned the backyard Christmas lights back on.


Tom is a keeper! I had no idea Daphne was a flower. It looks like oleander. Does it smell like it too?
Love rosie


omg! so sweet! and how lucky you are to have flowers blooming! we are buried in snow with subzero temps. but I know spring is coming... someday! lol!
thanks for sharing those sweet little vases! they made me smile!


I love that little collection! Reminds me of all the larger vases made in the USA in the 40's and 50's, they all look great together too! Happy Wednesday! karen...


This is an adorable collection. I envy two Daphne bushes in your garden. I can imagine the perfume!!


Darling! Not sure how I missed this post! Guess we both had flowers on the brain yesterday since I posted some daffodils in my elephant. My daffodils are all blooming now with this gorgeous Weather we've been having­čî×

Mary Ann

I've never seen any vases like those. So cute and so colorful. I also had crocuses come up, but sadly, they are currently covered in snow.


they are so sweet! i have one tiny blue one that i like to put little random sprigs of flowers in too. I can't believe all that is blooming near you! everything here is covered in ice! (which is unusual for tennessee). I can't wait for spring!

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