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February 14, 2015


Musings from Kim k.

Thank for sharing your haul. The peeks on IG were wonderful. By hat pink crepe gal was meant to be rescued by you. That herd of deer are pretty fine. I keep being impressed with your spunhead acquisitions. Love her hankie dress. I'm sming ear to ear with my cocoa reading through this post.


Again...WOW!!! I could go to sales for a year and not find what you find at one sale. Estate sales are just not the same here. Here companies come in and price every single item. I often think the things you find, the same things I would love to find are thrown out by the company running the sale. I heard at one sale they hauled off several dumpsters before the sale started. Pretty sure what I wanted was hauled away...
I am so glad you are there to rescue these vintage treasures. The "Ethel" tag just proves you are in the right spot! :o)

Kim Mclees

Wow! What a haul! I'm so glad I got to see that cat up close. I never guessed it was a letter holder. And that hankie lady! Thanks for sharing your treasures.


Oh good golly, it is hard to imagine so much of that came out of that tiny little house. Great finds!!

Carol Tootalian

Every week when I read your estate sale post, I am amazed at some of the stuff people keep and more importantly, how long they keep it. This week was no exception!


That's it. I am absolutely convinced that nobody ever crafted back in the day down here. It's all up there in Portland! I love that spun head girl with the handkerchief skirt so much. How perfect for you to find her!


Linda @ A La Carte

This was a great sale! Love your finds. You really find the best things. Is that little pink pottery a mini? Do you collect them? I have a few and I'm always looking for more! The deer made me smile!


Wow! I hope you took your heart medicine after finding all that. So many cute things. I am anxious to see what you do with the paper dolls. I have a huge box full that I am looking for a project to use them on. Good work!


Great finds and so many! That spun head girl with the hankie dress was waiting for you...she was meant for you! I love all the Christmas and those paper dolls are soooo darling! Hugs! karen...

Su Gardner

Absolutely WOW! Love the green lunch box and the dish drainer, I have a thing for those to, especially if they are green, red or yellow. What do you do with all the berry boxes? Have a blessed day a fun going thru your new found treasures Su/Mary Smith


you crack me up! so much stuff.. you make it all look so appealing. If I had gone to the same sales I probably would have overlooked most of it and then when I saw you with it I would have kicked myself! LOL!
Love those deer and the siamese kitty!
have a great week


Lots of great finds---the thing that made me the most happy to see was the green grass!!! Gives me hope that we'll see it again someday here in Michigan!! :)


Um excuse me while I pick my jaw back up from the floor! I'm speechless! I grabbed a cup of coffee but it feels like I drank the pot after scrolling down your post LOL! It looked like this sale was custom made for you! That crepe paper doll with the name Mary Ethel on it, the spun head hanky doll, those bunnies are darling and of course all the crafting supplies with jars to put them in too!
I found a few things that fit in my arms today at the flea mkt. I can't wait for the sales to begin down here now!! I sort of stopped hitting estate and yard sales the past few years but I think I just needed a break. Thanks for sharing your loot. Made my day just looking at all your stuff :-)


Lots of fun things. You are back in the game! I love the old berry baskets. I use them at shows - I painted the fronts with chalkboard paint and write the price on the front for smalls. I found about that many at a sale one day, but they were teeming with ants so I had to leave them. I still regret that. I hope you recovered from your day with Amy and all those terrible things she made you do. :D

Betty in Arlington

What interesting stuff those people hoarded! Yes, I remember all that, but it was thrown away after it was used once in my home! Poor baby doll heat. Hope she finds a body. Cute face! I like your first photo showing us where it was that you had the great treasure hunt! Cheers! I am below zero here and no one was having yard sales!


Ahhhhh . . . 50 Shades of Magpie!

Dorothy Crutchfield

Oh sweet baby Jesus, you did find treasures!! I would have fainted to find that much good stuff at one sale...those Three Little Pigs colored pencils!! and the little doll with the name Mary Ethel!! It was your lucky day!


What a fantastic haul of goodies!!!!! I'm torn what I like best because I love it All! That cat letter holder is great, I have a Scottie dog one. I'm also smitten with that spun head gal with hankie skirt, have never seen that! Of course the pencils are fantastic and I love the paper dolls too. Oh who am I kidding, I love it all!

Melissa's Antiques

What wonderful finds! It's so fun being first into a sale!


Loads and loads of goodies. The pencil set reminds me of a three little pigs mechanical I have stashed somewhere. (It's a rather gruesome one - the wolf has shark-like teeth and is slashing at1 of TTLP's with a big knife)I have a think for little vintage deer so of course I was oh and ah-ing over those. The spun head hanky doll is darling. How serendipitous to find the Vintage Ethel. Love it. Angels to you.


what a great weekend you have! i'm in love with that crepe paper girl! she is so so cute.

Into Vintage

I don't know how many of your estate sale Friday/Saturday posts I've read over the years but I still continue to be amazed at all the treasures you discover week after week. I've definitely learned a lot about estate shopping from you (thank you!) and know we in Portland are so lucky to have such amazing sales to attend. :-)
...that little hankie gal... ♥

Lisa W.

Was there a gnome waiting for you inside that little house !? It looks like you got some of his treasure ! What an assortment of wonderful things - thanks for sharing.

Eddie Mitchell

I want to know the story of the lady in the photo. I have written stories based on pictures I have found before. I never realized how much your creations look like actual vintage figures! The place holder and the lady in the hanky dress look like Magpie Ethel creations! I love those ties. Is this the start of a new collection? Maybe you should model a few sometime. You've certainly gotten off to a good start in 2015. Just looking at snow here.

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