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February 28, 2015



Oh that wallpaper! That was a lucky little boy!
There's nothing like opening up a box of vintage crafting stuff, but then to see pink glitter right on top??? Such fun!
Great stuff!
Erica :)

Kim K.

Such neat and usual stuff for your collections and crafting adventures. That little boy's wallpaper is out of this WORLD!


I can't wait to see how you use that humidifier! And that sweet little dog with the beautiful eyelashes sure does look different than she did when I saw her on IG. The same thing will probably happen to my dogs when they get their baths today :-)

Off to the flea market this morning! Hopefully I have some luck.



I do believe your home must be some form of clown car. What a collection of interesting passengers!


I'm getting my vintage fix through your posts right now. I'm just amazed at what you find! Pink glitter and dustpan ?😀 Darling Cupid transfer. Haven't seen the that one before. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with that humidifier. Love it all! Heading out to the flea mkt soon here.
Have a wonderful day 😊

Eddie Mitchell

You've got me raring to go for the church sales next weekend, for sure! Two of thew best early ones are scheduled for Sat. I can tell you that this 50 year old little boy LOVES that amazing wallpaper! I think my fave find from this post would have to be the Alice in Wonderland coffee can. So unique!


That pink dustpan is just the best. It looks like it should be a toy, but it is full sized - awesome. Somewhere I have that identical dog planter, but the bow is blue. I think it is at one of my booths......terrible having junk all over two counties. (NOT!) Cant' wait to see what you have found already this morning. Snowed in here - no junk to be found.


NICE haul! I didn't even see any sales that looked interesting so happy to see that your Magpie radar was on!

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the humidifier! I remember having one of those when I was growing up. Mom would put Vick's in the top.I also love the white dog and pink high chair ceramics. Also that lamb picture is so sweet. I'm all about Baby stuff with my new Grand due soon!


If you sell that coffee can of Alice, please please let me know!!!

Melissa's Antiques

I love that space wallpaper! I've been creating new booth tags from vintage wallpaper that I have. It's a little bit of extra work, but it's fun! :)


When my mom got out the vaporizer, you knew you were REALLY sick! I remember how load it was, and that my room would be like a Vicks-scented sauna. But it sure worked! I'm thinking that vaporizer may still be in the back of a closet - must call home to find out!

Paula K

I'm dying to know if the lamb still has the glow in the dark properties or if they have faded with time.


Fun finds! That Alice coffee can is unusual! Had to smile at the white shoe polish box. My folks had the same one on a linen closet shelf for years when I was a kid.


All those finds are so PRAKTKAL and fun! Question of the day, does the lamb pic still light up the night? I will be really impressesed if it does. I like how it says that no poisonous chemicals were used ha! I just ordered some Aunt Martha transfers off of ebay for a little sewing project. Yours are cute, never seen the cupid design.

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