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February 20, 2015



My husbands mother had those swan planters lining both sides of her sidewalk. Everyone in the neighborhood knew which house you were talking about once you mentioned the "swans". Love that cute little baby - you will clean him up and do your magic on him I am sure. A good fifteen minutes, that's for sure.

Musings from Kim K.

Your sweet doll will be a darling cupid. I'm always a sucker for owls too. They will be perfect for your Halloween crafting. I loved my Halloween owl this year from you. Good luck with Saturday's adventures!


Those swans! I can't wait to see what you do with them. They are perfect for you. Any big plans this weekend? With this beautiful weather we are having, I have all sorts of motivation :-)


Pam @ House of Hawthornes

OMG, I love those swan planters. Those will be so fun for you to use this summer!


That little baby doll is adorable. Sweet find!


That little doll is going to be perfect! I didn't see much listed this weekend so happy you found a few treasures.


What a great score for a quickie run in!
I hardly ever find dolls like that down here. If I do they're way too spendy. Always fun to find a few owls. I never used to look at them until I saw people use them for Halloween decorations. Love those swans! There's a pair which is even better. Don't swans mate for life? Can't wait to see what you do with them 😄


15 minutes well spent! When I first moved to our little town 10 yrs ago, we noticed those swans in every neighborhood. When my sister came for a visit she remarked, "It looks like a travelling salesman really had to unload his swans!!" LOL!
love, rosie


That doll is "TINY TEARS".

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