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February 07, 2015



Good grief, she didn't have a clue did she?

Musings from Kim K.

Good thing you were there to set her straight and get that line in order!! It's been ages since I have a good estate sale. That handmade Christmas garland is precious. Lots of fun treasures. Yippee!!

Maria (MagiaMia)

Ha! I just laughed out loud over your taking charge moment! Love that so much. Don't mess with Ethel. She knows how it's done!

I spy chartreuse mercury beads. Score! That doll house interior is a little piece a Heaven. The fireplace and rug!


Ha! That's so funny that you took charge if things outside! I'm sure those people out there with you appreciated that😉 At least you still were able to score some things. Love that garland! I've never seen anything like that before either.
That doll house is darling! I was able to sneak in a little thrifting today. I'm starting to get the itch for sales to start too😀
Have a great day!


The waiting game is the worst! Especially when you see people walking out with things you totally would have bought while you are still in line!

I saw quite a few of those dollhouses when I was out on Friday. But no blue ones. I would have totally bought a blue one!

Stay dry. I cannot believe how much it is raining down here!



Man those estate sales are intense in Oregon! Good thing you are a pro, I don't know if I could deal with all those people/rules! I love your dollhouse! I have been obsessed with them lately, I want a whole wall of dollhouses :)


Good for you for taking charge!! That doll house is adorable.


I've never been in line at an Estate Sale, so I wonder if they do names and numbers here. I will have to find out. Glad you took charge. Seems I have to do that sometimes at places. :)

I think that giant hanger would be great for a wall map or a poster. What do you think it was for? Blankets or curtains? It's awesome!


Laurie, I would just take that handmade garland,wrap it 'round & 'round, and wear it like a necklace!:) Nice finds! love rosie

Melissa's Antiques

After finding out you were #42... I can only imagine the good junk that left that house before you got it. However... you still got some amazing things!


Had to come by after seeing this on fb. The house looks similar to one I had as a kid. Love the deer family!

Judy Ainsworth

Laurie,When you said the inside of that doll house is charming.
You are NOT kidding Sister! It looks Fabulous.
-Judy A- ps Nice take over.lol

Eddie Mitchell

So glad that you were there to take charge! Someone has to step up in these kind of situations! Great finds. I love that little pedestal. It reminds me of some of the niches that many of my vintage Madonnas come in. If I had it, I would use it to show off different religious statues.

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