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February 05, 2015



Wow I love this, but then again every post you do makes me want to collect more (in a good way!)


wonderful funderful! lol! often feel almost speechless when I visit you. and the lovebirds is such a great idea!!!!!
have a great weekend


Love the card wreath! I have acquired so many vintage valentines over the years and am always looking for new ways to display them. Maybe next year. My house is a WAR ZONE right now!!

I would so try to eat those cupid rattles....


Melissa's Antiques

I think my favorite are your little dude candy holders that say "be mine" - so sweet! :) Have a great weekend!

Paula K

Do you ever hear from your neighbors about how they enjoy your window displays?

I'm sure they must look forward to seeing what each new holiday brings!

Su Gardner

Your house is so warm and inviting and so full of
whimsy, It makes me want to sit on your couch with coffee and little heart shaped cookies and
pick your brain for all your fabulous ideas. I just moved from a big house in MI to a tiny 1920's house in MO and am going thru all your old posts for idea's. You are amazing! Have a
blessed day.


Love, love your "Love Birds!"


Thank you, Laurie! Your photos always bring a smile to my day! :) love rosie


One of my favorite displays.....'cause I love red. You have many adorable little things for Valentine's Day. Thought I was the only one who loves red with turquoise.


It's funny when I spot a "Magpie Ethel" creation I think "Hey! That's a Magpie Ethel!" then I remember uh duh, this IS Magpie Ethel.......so used to seeing your creations all over blogland!

I have a whole list of names form an obit in the paper today - ideas for your half man. Gussie died and she had a slew of interestingly named brothers and sisters. I'll have to email you.


Really felt the love Laurie :-) Got on my computer so I could get a bigger and better look on your blog! Your posts can never be too long. Glad you got double duty from your garland. Love the mica birds all over. Everything else is too wonderful. Thanks for the tour of your pretty house.
Always makes me smile. I might make a pot of coffee now and sit down and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Seems like it's been hectic here more and more now. You being on IG is giving me my Magpie Ethel quick fix now Ha ha ha ha.
Thanks for sharing your home!


LOVE BIRDS! What an adorable idea! And, the Valentine wreath is a favorite. I love it ALL! So many cuties!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm so behind on blog reading. I almost missed this fantastic post!! I must make sure my mom and sister see this too! We just love talking to each other about all your fabulous decorations. Valentine hugs!!


I don't know how I missed this post but so glad I found it! Only Magpie Ethel could do a whole house in vintage valentines! How wonderful. Ok, I gotta go look at these pictures one more time (or 10)

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