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March 24, 2015



Who knew that you were such a well traveled Magpie? So happy that you have your aunts bracelet. I love the high school charm the best!

Stay dry. It is miserable down here. But 71 on Friday. Woo Hoo!


Musings from Kim K.

You've convinced me that I need to do a better job of collecting more charms for my bracelet. Thank you for sharing yours and your Aunts charms. What a special keepsake.


Thank you for sharing!! These are my all time favorite things. So happy you have your aunts!!

Linda @ A La Carte

I love charm bracelets. So fun to see what each person collects. Mine is from High School and only has a few charms on it. Makes me want to find it and wear it again!


Love your story on yours and your aunt's charm bracelets. Never thought about a charm bracket as a little souvenir of life. I know you mentioned you traveled a lot with your family but had no idea you moved so much. So cool you have those little charms. I'm sure it'll come back to you on where your turtle was from.
Hope you have a wonderful day!


You have had an exciting life! No wonder you love your home and your studio - you have roots now and you are staying there! I never had a charm bracelet. Not sure why - all those tiny things are right up my alley! You should post what you are missing and we could all keep our eyes peeled for you. I have a little box of charms.


What a beautiful post. I am so glad you have both charm bracelets...such treasures that really tell the stories of two remarkable journeys. It surely will be fun to add to yours while cherishing this special keepsake from your aunt. It truly is a lovely reminder of a life well-lived.


My grandmother started all of her "girls" on charm bracelets for their 10th birthday - I still have mine, and it got so full I started another! I still love to look at the charms and remember where they came from, whether it was someplace I went, or a gift. Speaking of bracelets, though, did you ever see vintage ID bracelets? I had/have one of those, too!


What a "charming" post, Laurie. I love them all. I didn't know you lived in so many places. Glad you settled in our neck of the woods.

Alison (alibaba520 on IG)

Thank you for sharing these with us, you sure did live all over! My mom recently gave me my grandmother's charm bracelet and it is wonderful. One of the charms is a trunk and when I opened it inside was a note, "I love Mim", my grandfather's nickname. Like you, I love to find a note tucked away and this one was extra sweet. One charm I wish I new the story behind is a toilet! LOL. Sorry to blab, but this post touched extra close to home.

Judy Ainsworth

Fabulous! Im pretty sure I only had a charm or two on my bracelet,but we pretty much lived in poverty for my growing up years. But I see charms are pretty popular again maybe, just maybe? I recently found buried under tons of junk in a basement a sandwich size baggie of old Cracker Jack Prizes, from my generation,(be fore they were ALL Stickers, then ALL Tattoos) and a lot of them are charms!
-Thank You for a Lovely, timely post!
Judy A-

Patti McCarthy

Love this post! I have 3 full bracelets that I wear frequently and I have given all 3 of my daughter's one that I add charms to each Christmas. One daughter gave a charm bracelet out to each of her bridesmaids, and yes, one girl got a toilet! It seems whenever she would call my daughter to chat, she would be on the toilet! Each girl loved them and were so touched by the meanings in the particular charm given. Meant she really spent time thinking of them! I always am conmplimented on mine and usually hear "I have one of those somewhere"!

Curtains In My Tree

I love charm bracelets and have one I started in 1971

Lavender Dreams

I love charm bracelets and these are both so beautiful. I still have mine from my teen years. Have you done childrens' books or readers? Or Golden books? Hugs, Diane


Charm bracelets are memories on your wrist. I do believe you have inspired me to start wearing mine again. They make such a happy sound!

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