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March 07, 2015



I think the awning is wonderful - it will definitely be handy for yard sales, and maybe even in a booth. re: cans full of hardware - I have a beautiful 100 year old china cabinet in my dining room that was once in my parents' basement full of cans of nails and paint. When I was getting married Mom said I could have it, and it's been holding vintage china for 30+ years! If you find really rusty old nails (esp square heads) or rusty larger screws in a can, bring them home and I'll take them off your hands - I use them for crafting prims!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm so intrigued about that awning. It will definitely grab attention. Lots of fun treasures. Love it all. I'm so anxious for a good estate sale. Always happy to live through you!


I think that item you call a float ring is a hemmoroid cushion! Just sayin'....


Score! Those are probably the best sales too when you're not really looking forward to one. I'm so getting my fix from you right now.
Have a great weekend!


That awning will be the perfect thing at your garage sale!! Protection from the rain, shade from the sun and SCALLOPS WITH FRINGE. High five!!

mary scott

It's like the estate sale gods want these vintage treasures to go to a person who will truly value & care for them! I am amazed at what you find (& what people don't discard along the way). Thanks for letting us enjoy it all.


You can officially start your own circus with that great awning! I hope you can put it up and show us it in all it's glory. I love all the old cans and packaging. And I especially liked your sneak peak of today's finds on IG - Skippy is made in Arkansas!


Something is always going on with us when you have your annual garage sale. Hopefully this year I will be able to head up! Are you doing Plucky in April down here? It is on Hanna's due date and we also have concert tickets for that night so that baby better either already be here or hold out a little longer for her loving aunt!

See you soon :-)


Pam @ House of Hawthornes

The awning is awesome! I'm pretty sure your yard sales grab people's attention all by themselves though :)


A real treasure hunt of a sale. A lot of the small things to which I am always attracted. The float looks like those tubes they send women home with after they'd delivered a baby. Can't wait to see the awning in all it's glory. People who call everything 'awesome' make me want to lobotomize myself, but I gotta say, I think the awning is pretty awesome.

Melissa's Antiques

I love finding unadvertised sales. Those tend to have the best stuff!

Eddie Mitchell

That wonderful awning will add fun to your yard sale (and maybe future show displays?) for sure! Great find!

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