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April 07, 2015


Mary Steinbrink

These bring back memories of my Grandparent's yard, but theirs didn't all survive. First antlers came off and then heads. They would be ok without an ear, but no head is a problem!


I'm glad you leave the moss and lichens on them - I really like that naturally aged look! I'm equally glad you fill in the eyes, too! lol


Awe, I love the deer, even without the ears. Show me your collection of whales or hedgehogs, do you have any? I tried going through your posts of collections but there are so many.


Deer always make a garden more friendly. Thanks for sharing. :)


Love the little fellow sitting in the birdbath! I think the missing ears are calling out for some Easter bonnets for Summer.


I remember when we visited your studio a couple of years ago, Hanna spotted the deer in the birdbath. I am sure that is what started her on collecting her own little herd. I think she has 4 now, two of which I gifted to her. I don't even have 1! The things I do for that girl...


Musings from Kim k.

Although we have loads of real deer that turn our garden into a salad bar, I think these creatures would make fine additions. Your yard is so lush and green. I'm having spring yard envy. Everything is so brown and ugly in MI right now.


Love these cement deer! Glad you rescued them broken ears and all! Ha! I never thought about using a sharpie to fill in temporarily­čśä I don't like things with hollow looking eyes either. I had a bunny planter like that and I had to paint in eyes for him. The herd looks happy and safe in your yard and with these, your plants will stay intact!
Have a wonderful Day!


There is a house not far from me that has six full size concrete deer in their yard. Oh how I would love to be able to get them someday. Until then, I have a concrete rabbit, a concrete poodle of all things and a concrete swan.


cute! i have five concrete deer in my yard! one missing his head. i have it, i just haven't figured out how to reattach it yet. haha!


I am so happy you saved those one eared deer friends! Yes, Erica is right, after seeing your deer a few years ago I decided I needed a herd of my own. I tried to bring them into the house this winter, but Matt put an end to that pretty quickly!

Eddie Mitchell

I've got two concrete Dalmatian pups by our front stairs. We've never had Dalmatians, or any dog for that matter, but they were too cute to pass up. This has got to be your heaviest collection, right?

Into Vintage

My new motto for estate sales (in addition to "Always open the boxes") is "Always look in the back yard.

Deer! Deer! Deer!

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