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April 14, 2015



Those watches with the animals are the cutest! I love that you wear that plaid band one, I bet it looks great with your Magpie outfits :) I never knew why they were called watches, very interesting!

Musings from Kim K.

I remember getting pretend watches from our school carnival and just loved feeling extra grown-up when wearing it! Another cool collection.


Neat collection! I wonder if they even teach kids how to tell time on a real clock anymore??

Alison (alibaba520 on IG)

I had a few of the winking ones when I was a kid! I loved that thing. LOL, thanks for sharing.

Sheryl Remy

The toy watches I remember had elastic bands.


Not a day goes by that I don't wear a watch. Even if I am wearing any other jewelry, a watch is always on my wrist. I've bought both of my kids watches and they are in my jewelry box. They just don't wear them!

Love the sweet one with the plaid band. Glad you wear it!



of course you have a bunch of toy watchers.. why wouldnt you! lol!
happy day Laurie!

Eddie Mitchell

Always a fun collection with you! I love that you have one that you wear. So cool. My faves are the ones with the animals.

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