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April 26, 2015



Ok, so here is my question...if you got all that amazing stuff 2 hours after it opened, what did you miss?! What an amazing sale. My favorite things that you found were the elephant coasters that you posted on IG and those little yellow clip birds. So sweet!

Good to see you at Plucky! Hopefully all the lack of wi fi didn't hurt you too bad.



WOW, great finds!! I can't even pick a favorite but that tiny pixie on the glitter shaker stole my heart.

Melissa's Antiques

Dang! I don't know how you managed to pack that all in and still be able to drive! What great finds, as always!

Eddie Mitchell

A good junker can always find a little more room in the car, right? I'm totally digging that squirrel blow mold. What a unique find!


Squirrel = love!!
I have not seen one like that before.
He needs to move to Indiana!!


I love the Christmas rug!


What great finds! That pepper shaker with the pixie hanging on for dear life is just adorable - you stage your photos so well! What are the two snowmen with brooms made of? You know me with snowmen! ha!


You are one amazing packer to have fit all of those treasures into what appeared to be a very full truck. What an amazing haul of vintage goodies. I can't believe the colors of those cup holders. So perfect for you. What a fun detour on your journey. So glad it was such a great sale!

Sheryl Remy

So how did you manage to drive after the sale stop? I picture you sitting on some things?


I'm speechless! This reminded me of the old cartoons where someone would have so many packages or a stuffed car that they only had room for their eyes to look out and you couldn't see anything else! LOL! I can picture you like that! Love everything!

Musings from Kim K.

I dream of such picker sales. Woo hoo! This is definitely one of those sales that goes down in the magpie record books.


good grief girl! you have too much fun!
have a great week!

Stacey Johnson

Ahhhh! Such uinqueness! I want the pepper shaker and I ADORE that Good Morning brand and box. It was worth driving smashed against your door! Stacey


What fun! I'm sure you were freaking out little by little as your pile kept growing, as to where the heck it was going to fit in the truck!
Will you let me know if you're going to sell the sequins n trims kit? Or even if you have something similar in your stash? My last blog post shows a vintage felt Santa that someone started, but I need to find some great sequins and beads to finish him!
Totally ok if you're keeping it though! :)

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