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April 04, 2015



I have a love/hate relationship with being #1 at estate sales around here. Obviously I love getting in the door first but if you are #1 on the list, it is your job to line people up. I hate lining people up! I make Maddie do it if she is with me :-)

Love your earless deer. When I saw them on IG yesterday, I was wondering if you were going to Magpie them up.

Happy Easter!!



Wow, sounds like a fun sale! That Portland cracker tin was a great score. I have not seen one with a glass window. Love the laundry bag and clothespin bags, too. Well done!

Eddie Mitchell

So many wonderful things. I love the doormat, the cracker tin, and the tree topper especially. The deer are too cute. When you shop at a digger sale like this, how do they get your total at check out? Do they go through your bags and price each item or just look at it and give you a lump sum total?


Lucky me, I do have a hula skirt. I think it only goes about half way around me, though. I thought it was a bag of raffia.
The cracker tin is wonderful!!!!
The cute turtle pincushion reminded me to ask if you have a pincushion collection. Oops, I just checked your list -- pincushions were #7 collection. I guess I'll go refresh my memory.
Hope you are having a Happy Day!

Musings from Kim k.

Digger sales are the best kind of sales. Super fun treasures and I'd love to see you model that grass skirt!!

Melissa's Antiques

Looks like it was another good one! Hope you had a happy Easter!

Sheryl Remy

Is that blue plastic piece a water ski for a doll? I would love a digger sale. Here they are very control everything is displayed and priced. There is never anything personal like recipe books, letters or cards. I love your finds.

Stacey Johnson

You always find such unique and amazing stuff! I love that someone else finds the charm in broken things. Some people think your nuts when you get excited about something that others think belong in the garbage. There is something to be said for well loved and showing your age with people and junk ;)


What a great haul! I love it all, especially the laundry and clothespin bags! You are still astounding me with your finds! Happy Tuesday! karen...


The deer with missing ears remind me of the chocolate Easter bunny with no ear whose caption says, "what?"


Oh that clothespin dress and bag are fantastic! And that cracker tin with the glass, those are so neat and so hard to find. Great estate sale, I would have been in heaven :)

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