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April 12, 2015




Here is a link to my blog where I bought the 100 dolls along with the original ad for them. I wish you could still get trinkets like that in the back of magazines.

I do wonder what "Bike" Christmas candies looked like!


I would say you had a productive weekend! That lamp is a hoot - could you tell if/where it had hung in the house? It's...unique!


WOW! Looks like a great weekend in estate sale land! My favorite find is the swim cap box. The graphics are to die for. What a delightful find for your someday beach house. What a joy it will be to put it all together!


Gotta love that mushroom! Those 100 dolls were a disappointment but I bet you can do something with them.

Musings from Kim K.

Another fun weekend of estate sales. Always happy to see your treasures. That swim cap box is perfectly YOU! Thank you for bringing us along!


That Easter basket is so unique! I have never seen anagrams in red but digging that color. Glad your friend knew you well and gave up that awesome cap box. Looks like you did great, as always!

Mary Steinbrink

I love the wrapping paper! Another amazing weekend of finds for you! Not too many sales in my area yet, but I think there will be more now that Easter is over.


I've never heard of a sale starting in the evening! How late did it go on for? I can't believe I'm saying this but that sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday night!

Love the wrapping paper and pot holder kits. I would totally put those in a jar too!

Have an awesome week....the Norah countdown is on!


Melissa's Antiques

What excellent finds. You should post about all your concrete animals (and plants) in your garden! :)

Eddie Mitchell

Those tiny dolls were sold in comic books too. There was also a set of 100 soldiers that was advertised. Love that lamp! Concrete figures seem to be your theme this Spring! Great finds!

Cathy Long

This is my first time to comment. I love your blog and enjoy seeing your estate finds. I just ran across a doll similar to the one you just posted picture of. Look up Herman Pecker Pose dolls. I was surprised at their value. Just wanted to share the info with you since you share and provide so much enjoyment to others with all your collecting talents.
Cathy in Texas

Jan Campbell

I always seem to notice the Boyd Coffee logo ... it is still a thriving business here in Portland .. even featured at our airport. I used to babysit the 3 Boyd kids in the 1950's when I was in high school. Mom


Loved learning about the "100 dolls"! Just the other day I was flipping through an old comic book and saw a similar ad for a treasure chest full of soldiers and thought to myself that it was surely a very tiny treasure chest.


Your concrete finds are the best! And I LOVE the Easter Basket. I think there's one behind glass at my favorite antique store.
Fun stuff!
Erica :)


You can just find the neatest things. Love the deer picture BECAUSE I have one just like it. My mom stitched it probably in the 50's and had it framed.

Good stuff!!!



My in-laws used to make lamps like that when they were RV camping. The group they belonged to would buy the pots at a Walmart near the campground. Then they drilled holes for the "decorative" designs and filled the holes with plastic beads (prob from Walmart too.) I think they all used them for outdoor lighting outside the RVs.The extras were given as gifts....

Lisa W.

Did you say FREE Easter grass !? Music to my ears ! Really good finds at this sale - I would have to say the foil basket is my fav find however . I have never seen one like it - it's adorable . Good for you Laurie and thanks for sharing .


Looks like Estate Sale Land has started for you now! I'm behind looking at your blog!!!! I can't believe hoe lucky you've been finding those concrete animals and things lately! Fun stuff! Great finds Laurie 😄

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