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April 15, 2015



That is jaw-dropping for sure!! Are all 800 of her paintings different or does she have duplicates? I have never ever found a PBN in the wild. I don't know why, I always look but they have eluded me. I think those Japanese ladies might be my favorites--they are beautiful!


I'm at a loss for words! WOW or AMAZING does come to mind. What a fantastic field trip! I've always liked vintage PBN pictures. I've just been looking for certain ones that catches my eye. Had absolutely no knowledge on PBN's. Didn't even realize that there were so many different ones out there either. I'm sure Amy's mouth probably dropped as well when she walked into Hope's house too. I'm going to be giving PBN pictures a closer look now!
Your posts have been wonderful lately too :-)
Thanks for the field trip!

Mary Steinbrink

That is incredible! I've never seen a house like that. I would love to find some old PBN. I'll never have a collection that big because I love to collect a little of this and a little of that, but it was certainly fun to see! And you didn't even have to ride in a bumpy school bus!


You guys inPortland have the best collections! I've loved these ever since childhood when I painted a few that are lost to the ages. They still sell the kits, and I need to try one again some time. so little time, so many crafts. thanks for the post!

Eddie Mitchell

What fun! I love the religious themed ones at the end. I have found a few that are more Catholic in nature and some based on famous stained glass windows. I once bought a couple from a guy who had a HUGE tub of them. They were a dollar each. I've kicked myself several times for not getting more of them.

Into Vintage

Great post, Ethel. I was "wowed" too on my first visit -- not just at the sheer number but also at the very thoughtful way Hope had these arranged and organized. I think that what keeps it fascinating rather than overwhelming. Truly an amazing collection. (Thanks Hope, for inviting us in and sharing with us).

Musings from Kim K.

This is an absolutely amazing collection. I had no idea that there were so many varieties. I have two duck themed PBN at our A-frame but I would love more fishing or deer themed ones. Thank you for the virtual field trip!

Sheryl Remy

Amazing field trip. Thank you for sharing. I always love seeing other's collections. I can't image her framing costs.


Wonderful collection. Just a note on the role PBN had in our family. My MIL learned how to paint from these kits. She painted a few and then began to copy pictures from books and suddenly she discovered her own skills in painting, charcoal and sculpting. One of her sculpting pieces holds pride of place at a local museum. I have some of her 1st PBN works and many of her other art works. PBN's promoted talent in our family.


Amazing! It would be fun to know which ones she is looking for. Maybe we could find them for her. I have a few tucked away in a tote. Maybe I will look at them with new respect.


WOW, that is amazing!!!!! I can't imagine what it looks like in person. I painted some as a kid, wished I would have kept them.

Great story and pics!!!



Wow seems like an understatement! That collection is just beyond compare. I can imagine how overwhelming it must have been to try to take it all in during a single visit. Her collection is museum-worthy - or at least a showing at an art gallery or some other venue. I'd love to see them!


wow, that is so amazing! what a collection. i love seeing pbn displayed all together but haven't ever seen so many at once! gorgeous! im glad she let you take photos!

Maria (Magia Mia)

I know I would be right there with you, saying Wow incessantly.

I have to say that any collector that can Wow YOU is noteworthy. And I also have to say that I do believe you've met your match in the collecting department. What a treat!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection. I appreciate not only the sheer number of paintings but the interesting way they are displayed as an integral part of each room. This is indeed remarkable. What a fun field trip!


This is an amazing collection! I just bought a covered bridge PBN the other day and I think it caught my eye because of Amy mentioning this collection. I only have two displayed in my own house - flamingos of course!

Missy Scordino

Wow,wow, wow! Thank you so much for sharing this field trip with us. Every time I read your blog, I love it more! So many interesting and beautiful people in our world...finding joy in the little things.





Thank you so much for all the interesting things you post. I love reading your blog and learn something new every time.


Love this post! I am a fan of PBN and have a few I would like to finish and restore. Her collection is incredible. I would love to know how she matches the colors to today's paint. Is there a guide she uses?

laurie mapgie ethel

Stacie, I asked Hope your question and here is her reply.
Good question and I wish there was a very simple answer, but I'll try to make it as easy as I can. I buy bottles of ACRYLIC paint at the crafts store--the kind that washes up with soap and water--and a set of brushes with a variety of bristle sizes. When I get a painting, if the paint has faded (which is usually the case) I look it up on the website paintbynumbermuseum.com to see if they show a good copy with the original colors. This is hit or miss; sometimes their picture is of a faded painting also, so then it's up to me to compare it to similar paintings. The key thing to remember is that the company that invented PBN's used a limited range of colors, so you can see the same blues, the same greens, the same browns, etc. from picture to picture. That's my "guide." Have I got a landscape with a faded sky? I look up a similar landscape with a brightly colored sky and go with those colors. The important thing is to not get too crazy trying to reproduce the same colors exactly! I just mix the paints until I get something close and if I like the color, I use it. After all, it's supposed to be fun!


Thank you so much for reply. I have been doing trial
and error. I appreciate her sharing her info and pictures with us. What generous person.

Patti McCarthy

Wonderful display - I was just admiring some PBN's in the Summer 2015 issue of Vintage Style - please share with her that the couple used a projector and recreated an ENTIRE bedroom wall as a PBN - it looks incredible -obviously, her walls are full but she need to see this awesomeness! So do you! I love this so much - I did sell some Hawaiian ones years ago and was amazed at the price they got! Loving your pictures, too!


How nice of Hope to share her collection with us. This is one of those times I find myself with my nose almost pressed to the monitor. (I see a cute deer collection too.. and a calico like my Miss Izzy)
Although PBN were a Christmas tradition for me and my sibs I had no idea there were so many. Way cool!

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