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May 12, 2015


Melissa's Antiques

The graphics on these are amazing!


I have found that straws are a pretty easy thing for me to find down here. I found a box at the flea market last weekend then the same ones at a neighbors garage sale. The Sweetheart ones are my favorite though! Must be because the are named after me. HA!



I loved the bendable straws as a kid. Now, I'm loving those glassip straws. Great graphics. We shop Costco too much. I miss the clever packaging.

Congrats on being included in another magazine. Such fun knowing the rich and famous!

Judy Ainsworth

Laurie, I JUST LOVE Your collections,Straws, and fishes were just two of the really really cool ones!
Show me your Collection of things you have collected over the years, that you cannot ever part with!
Judy A

Linda E.

you are not going to believe this, but I am 59 years young and never seen straws like these !!!!!!!!!!!!! where have I been ???? they are awesome !!!! love the graphics !!!!


The graphics are amazing. My favorite are the activity boxes.

Stacey Johnson

Funny, I just bought a box today...Sweathearts with the nursery rhymes, but not one you have pictured. "Little Tommy Tucker" is what it has on the front. I love the graphics too! You have a great collection.


crazy how such an item as a straw bring back so many memories. i guess if you had a straw it was a special treat and i remember the straws with gum in them!!! thanks for the "treat"!


Oh my! I can't believe all these wonderful straws you have! Great graphics too!
Love them all. Thanks for the post on these. So much fun to look at all of them. I just felt like I was looking at a cool book about them :-)

Jay H.

Laurie, The straws with the animals attached look like part of a birthday cake decoration set that my Mom had when I was little. The animals were supposed to "carousel animals" and the straws were the poles that the animals ride up and down on. There was a wide, shallow cardboard cone that was supported by the top of the straws and served as the roof over the carousel. I hope my description makes sense. Boy, seeing those animals was a blast from the past! Best wishes, Jay

Mary Harris

Oh my goodness, what memories these bring back! I had totally forgotten about the fancy straws. Thank you for giving back a special memory.

I am almost 65 or will be next week. The thing everyone did with the paper straws was when you had finished your drink you would start at the top of the straw and squeeze it flat in one direction, then do it in the opposite direction all the way to the bottom, creating a pattern. It was a way to show off your manicure and make your hands look graceful while doing it. How funny! Usually done while sitting at a soda fountain counter. Lol! Done by my older sister and her friends.

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