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May 19, 2015


Musings from Kim K.

Another fun little collection! It's the graphics that make those so divine! We've been enjoying collecting vintage puzzles for our lake house.


These graphics are the best! I can totally see them displayed during the summer months. They just remind me of summer traveling and road trips!



I have a few of these that I love too. Chinese Checker boards are my new thing though. We need to design rooms with eight or ten walls so we can display all our stuff. That's possible, right? (Your title says Statea games and I thought that was something I have never heard of before!)


The states puzzle also comes in a wooden puzzle version for younger children but it looks exactly the same. Milton Bradley is getting their money's worth out of that design.

We also have a similar puzzle of Canada.

Alison (alibaba520 on IG)

Wow, I actually have that same puzzle. Our son, who's 4 tomorrow, loves doing it! It's amazing how fast he is and it has allowed me to relearn a lot! LOL. Let me know if you need some help. (teasing)

Paula K

There is a store in Chicago that makes really cute shadowboxes out of the state pieces - presumably as gifts/mementos of favirite states.

Eddie Mitchell

I'm a geography nerd, so I love this collection, especially the idea of a wall collage.


I totally missed this post! I love the Whitman one where it shows things the states are known for. Are you still planning to do game boards on the wall in your family room?

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