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May 26, 2015



One word....Grandchildren!!! Thats as good a reason as any to hold on to those cuties!


Musings from Kim K.

Definitely you need to hold onto these. I'm sure you can squeeze them into your studio (smile).


Since they were in Ben's room they are sentimental! Gotta keep the sentimental stuff. I was never able to eek much vintage into The Bean's room other than some of my childhood things like my tin Wolverine stove and fridge. He loved playing with it! (It's long gone from his room lest you worry.....) I found a super beat up Busy Boy like the third one - I am going to put some hens and chickens in it.


These are lovely! Have you got a collection of handicraft kits-weaving etc. I have a few of these and love the graphics on them. I think they are fifties and sixties. Cute pictures of pretty mothers and daughters crafting together!


I would love to see your collection of knee huggers!


They are a sweet collection and I wonder if you have any photos of his room from back in the day? I bet the decor was adorable. Don't tell him I used that word!


I would definitely hold onto them, hmmm, maybe for a grandchild one day??!!


I think you need to hold on to them! You'll get rid of these and you know you'll find more! That's how it always happens 😜


I have a Busy Boy Tool Box too, mine is yellow with red and blue graphics. The box is perfect for little toys for grandchildren...with any luck boys named Ben (yours and mine) might get married and give us some!

Mary Ann

I don't have any of those, but I have my Dad's Erector Set from the 1930's. It's all in a big wooden chest. I feel so lucky that of his 10 children, I was the only one that was interested in having it.


You might even end up with a granddaughter who would love to play with them. They are too cute.


I laughed out loud when I read 'and then I found...' I think many of us can identify with that, albeit with a little chagrin. I am a grandaunt today - to a little boy, now I'll have an excuse if I am tempted by a little tool set.

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