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May 06, 2015


Musings from Kim K.

My pockets would have been full of treasures. Doreen has so many neat collections. I'm glad you were able to take us along on your personal tour. PS. Loved the picture of you and Amy on her IG feed, but I still think you needed to get a selfie of the three of you together!


Loved the tour of my own house! I even noticed things in your pictures that I didn't noticed before LOL!
It was really fun visiting with you and of course meeting Amy! Totally made my day!

Elizabeth Fedorko

I think I see a Dime Store Chic creation in there! Such a thrill to see Doreen's house. She is a good customer of mine too even though we live 3000 miles apart. Thanks for posting this lovely house, Laurie!
XXOO, Beth

Melissa Kurek

Um, how do I enroll in this School of Vintage & Kitschiness so I can attend these field trips?


Wow wow wow! Thanks so much for sharing Doreen's fabulous collections. I really enjoyed seeing it. She has some great things and everything is displayed wonderfully. I think I remember my own teeth hurting when I visited a very special M.E. studio, so I know just how you felt.


Oh. My. Good. Golly. I am speachless!! Thank you for sharing the candy!


Wow, I have a question, how does she keep it all clean? I love her collections. That snowman at the end do you know who it was made by? I bought a similar one this past winter. Mine has a stake on the end and a different pose but the face is the same. I was told it was used as a yard ornament even though the snowman appears to be paper over wood. I have never seen another until this post. I'm glad you had fun on your trip!


Loved the tour! Thank you for sharing and thank you to Doreen for opening up her house to all of us.

Maria (Magia Mia)

There aren't enough words in my head to comment on Doreen's incredible collections, but I will say.....A) I think your heart would stop if you went to an estate sale which looked like that, and B) You and Doreen could never, ever go to the same estate sale together, or you'd have to split everything 50/50....:)


Speechless! Well, maybe two words...DUCK UMBRELLA! :)

Into Vintage

So fun to see this all again through your camera's lens, Ethel. Doreen has an amazing eye for vintage and everything is so thoughtfully displayed -- I loved all the intriguing bits and pieces of her collections. Many. many thanks to Doreen for inviting us into her wonderful home and for taking time to share this with us. Thank you, internet, for bringing us all together. :-)


I am always amazed by the things that Doreen posts on IG. and she reminds me of you Laurie with all of her awesome collections. How lucky you are to have been able to visit with each other.
thanks for posting all the pics! wish I could have been there in person!
have a great day my friend!


I have loved seeing Doreen's collections on IG but you really managed to capture the magnitude of her displays! And I thought I had a lot of things! It's always so much fun seeing how other people display the things they have. I got some great inspiration! Thanks, Laurie & Doreen!



I think Doreen is a long lost relative of yours! Better contact Ancestry.com! Lol! Lots of fun stuff I love the pastel cupboard and all it's goodies and I LOOOOVE those head vases! Hugs! karen....


Her collection is amazing! Just jaw dropping.


It's always fun to see Doreen's posts on IG, but these pictures are just amazing! I, too, wonder how she keeps it all dusted - certainly a full time job right there! But what fun collections! Thanks so much for sharing, Doreen and Laurie!


Wow! I need to start over and look at it all again... after I've rested my eyes! What fun.


I think I see the entire internet crafting world represented in these pictures! It's fantastic. I wonder how many U-hauls you would need for her stuff, your stuff and mine. Let's throw in Musing from Kim's stuff too just for the heck of it! We would need a fleet of trucks! :) Your road trip is the thing dreams are made of - junking, milkshakes and meet ups. :D


Oh my goodness. What a fun field trip! I will be revisiting this post again and again. There is so much to see. Such delightful displays. Thank you for sharing.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Wow!!! My pinning finger is getting tired. So much eye candy all in one place!

Melissa's Antiques

Sure could create admission for her house! Museum of cuteness!!

Melissa's Antiques

She could charge admission for her house. Museum of cuteness!


Doreen is one of my favorite Instagram friends! She has such amazing collections! I spy one of my doll faces in a photo too!


Wow, such incredible stuff. I'm madly in love with that chubby little pony. Are you sure you two weren't separated at birth?


Just incredible. You two ladies inspire me to "just keep collecting"!

But, who the heck dusts all this stuff??


Holy Cow!!! Makes me want to put more stuff out just when I think there's no more room at our house!!!! HA HA!


Now I "recognize" her! She's bought some items from my etsy shop and I even see one of them on display in one of your pictures! How fun is that?!!

Geri Ann

I LOVE your stuff!! I have a lot of the same things!! Fun! New ideas on how to display!!!!


I love how over whelming it all is. You have some very expensive vintage items on hand there my friend. It was a pleasure to see all your wonderful finds. Thanks for sharing.

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