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May 11, 2015


Betty in Arlington

Congratulations! This makes me happy, too! All your hard work and creativity paid off for others to enjoy!

Melissa's Antiques

It is always fun to see your stuff/yourself in print! :)

Sheryl Remy

Love your smile. The birds area great too.

Musings from Kim K.

I haven't opened my latest issue of this publication, but it's sitting on my nightstand waiting for me. How exciting! Yippee!


woohoo!! I love seeing people I "know" in magazines. I always tell everyone, "look! my friend in featured in this magazine!" It has happened many times. maybe someday I'll get to be famous too! lol!
Hope you had a fantastic mothers day!

Into Vintage

Congrats, Ethel! Very fun to see one of your collections in print and I loved what you wrote as well. *Very exciting!* :)


So happy for you. I haven't seen it yet but can't wait to pick up a copy. I think it is sold at one of the local craft stores. I love your display! The birds look right at home on that shelf. This weekend I found a charming little wall pocket at Farm and Frills. It is a flower with a tiny bird perched on it. Fab colors - pink and aqua! Thought of you. Congrats!


Congrats! Your collection was perfect for that little shelf.


Congrats Friend! I'm headed to B & N today to pick up my copy. First Amy in the Flea Market mag and now you in Mollie Makes? It's so nice to have famous friends:-)

Perhaps I can get an autograph the next time I see you?



And I'm obviously so excited for you and starstruck that I forgot how to spell my name in the previous comment :-)



And to think we all knew you when you were nobody. HA! You've never been a nobody! I had a call from a magazine the other day. I got VERY excited. I returned their call, all sorts of ideas percolating in my head - my blog, IG, FB, the booths, my crafts, my collections??? Which one would it be???? It turned out to be a trashy gossip magazine wanting me to dish dirt on that big family I went to school with - you know the ones. Whomp. Whomp. Congrats to you!


Mollie Makes is where I found out about you and your blog-have enjoyed visiting since I saw the article!


congrats!!! so exciting. they know (as we do) a good/great thing when they see it :)


I need to find a copy of that to add to my other two!
How fun is that to see yourself in that magazine:-)

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