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June 09, 2015



Delightfully dapper........


This is definitely one of your more unique collections. I bet these are pretty rare to find. I remember my grandpa getting these when I was younger. Who knew I'd have a friend someday that collected them? :-)


Melissa's Antiques

I didn't even know that these existed! You're always teaching me something! :)


Dapper indeed! I wonder what ever became of businesses giving thank you premiums, anyway?? It used to be such a common thing and I can't even remember the last time I saw any kind of premium offered.


I can't believe it - I actually have more of these than you ! I'm not bragging - I'm shocked! I bought about thirty of them all at once in a rainbow of colors. I think they are fun. I don't have any holiday ones though and that 1966 (BEST YEAR EVER) is a great one! Mine all have the same graphics as the last one you posted.


Boy....what collection don't you have? I always try to think of something but there was no way I would even ask about these! Didn't know they even gave things away :-)
Always learn and see something interesting from you!

Sheryl Remy

It's something new to me too. Always fun to read your blog.


This genre is news to me. And not much is news to me. Was it a regional thing?

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