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June 23, 2015



I have lots of these boxes. Since the majority of them are red, white, and blue, they get displayed with my 4th of July decorations. I'm such a creative genius!



Great graphics on the boxes and on some of the chips too! I remember getting some things with chips on them from you and I thought it was a pretty clever idea :-)
P.S. I've never played poker before either.
Thanks for sharing!


I too have a lot of these and I put them in my Patriotic stuff. I love the old paper noiseless ones. My dad taught me to play poker when I was about five years old. He would have big poker games and I would ask to play. The men would say, "AH, let her sit in on a hand or two." Then when I won they would say, "Isn't it her bedtime YET?"

Musings from Kim K.

Awesome graphics on those boxes and they definitely add a fun flair to your crafting.


LOL! I never could get in to gambling, either. I have been to Vegas and we TRIED since it is the tradition, but just didn't hold any allure for us. I think I'm too big a cheap-o. I want something for my dollar - haha!

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