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June 02, 2015



I absolutely love the stories behind those quilts. Makes me swoon too!!

4 days and counting...



This post makes me swoon! It must have been hard to choose among all of your wonderful things. I love the linoleum display. I sure wish those kinds of options were available today. I also find the colors in your grandmother's quilt remarkable. Love them! Thanks for sharing.


Choosing a favorite is like Sophie's choice...how could you choose?!?
Why you have enough wonderful things the only way to share would be through a book.........................................................just an idea.............. :o)


Great idea Melissa!


Lots of swooning over here. And you didn't even go to your studio! SWOON! I might need to do a post like this - I have been asked this too. Will need to put on my thinking cap.....

PS. YOu really need to name your dude.

Sheryl Remy

Your whole home is swoon worthy. I particularly like the honeycomb mushrooms, stork, straw flowers and Congoleum advert.

Judy Ainsworth

Thank You! -Judy A-

Musings from Kim K.

This swoon worthy post is pretty darn over the top with all sorts of amazing goodness. I still think you need to have a book about your collections and how you've displayed them. Well done and maybe my favorite post YET!


Not sure how you decided what to choose! I'm still swooning over your post of these few things! Love them all. The quilt story....I just love :-)
Baby rattles, Santas, fish rattles, mushrooms, curiosity cabinet in bathroom.....LOVE!
Love your IG pics and glad you're still blogging too!
Thanks for sharing :-)


Seriously - how the heck could you even choose? Your whole freakin' HOME makes me swoon!


Fun stuff! Still LOVE the linoleum samples.


So fun! My 7 year old daughter and junk hunting buddy loved reading this post with me! I think we will be hunting for rattles and more Santas! Thanks for sharing! Mary and Emma


I loved this post and seeing the sweet collections you live with every day. So nice that you have a "comfort" quilt. Family treasures are extra special! Your home is wonderful.


Thanks for a beautiful little trip to wonderland. Love, love, love it! Love, rosie.

mary scott

Just think of how happy the original owners of these things would be to know how cherished they are by you, & being enjoyed by all of us here. My favorites are in your bathroom cabinet. Such wonderful colors!


I love this post! Seems like I pretty much remember when you got all of these things...except Bluebell! She's amazing!

Lisa W.

It was such fun to see some of your favorite things ! It would be hard for me to pick a favorite of your favorites .... because I love everything you have shown ! The flowers and the cotton head people however, are a bit beyond swooning for me - they are to die for ! You have the best stuff Laurie ... thanks for sharing !

Melissa - Finding Vintage Treasures

That linoleum poster is spectacular. I would love to have a kitchen floor in one of those designs.

Mary Ann

Oh my gosh, I grew up with a chandelier almost exactly like that hanging in our dining room. It had belonged to my father's grandmother. We would have Saturday mornings when we had an assembly line to clean all the crystals - remove, wash, rinse, dry, re-hang. After my father died, and we were preparing the house for sale, my sister replaced the chandelier. It now hangs over her bed.

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