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June 30, 2015



love that treat tree! and those little pumpkins! I have got to start looking for estate sales. lol!
My husband looked at me like I was nuts last night when I blurted out.. "OH NO! I missed Magpie Ethels Mermaid sale!" so disappointed.. I took my grandson to pizza hut for the hotdog pizza. There are no pizza huts nearby so we had to drive out to batavia, (45 mins). ha, and then he didnt eat the hotdogs! LOL! and I missed your sale! such is the story of my life.. but my husbands face was priceless.. and I got to spend time with my little Torry. Have a great day!

Musings from Kim k.

I would have been on a junking high with that attic room. Those are some amazing finds. I hope cooler weather is on the way. I'll send you some of our MI weather.

Melissa's Antiques

The weather has been really weird here too. We've been in the 70s and rainy for the last week and it looks like it's going to continue through the weekend. I'm not used to that! It's usually in the 90s and very dry here. The upside is that it makes going to sales and auctions a lot more tolerable! Great finds as always! Junkin' Karma rewarded you for getting rid of a lot of stuff on Saturday with a box in the attic on Sunday!


Wow! You found some great stuff. Love the Santa ashtray -- don't think he's disapproving -- he smokes a pipe after all... or has he given it up?

Didn't go to your neighborhood sale this year. Too hot. Hope you did well.


You found another Twerking Pixie! Maddie started calling them that a couple of years ago and the name stuck.

Loved following you guys along on your adventure on IG. I always like to see what people are able to find on the last day of sales. I'd say you win the prize for best stuff ever!


Linda @ A La Carte

Score!! Love that you found so much great stuff. Love the Pixie!!!!


What a perfect R&R after all the garage sale prep and "hot" selling! Did any of these treasures come from the barn and swamps??


Drooling...the Santa ash tray would be cute with an old black pipe sitting in it on the mantle as if forgotten when Santa was doing his work under the tree!

Into Vintage

That's what I do - stand around in the garage while you hurdle yourself toward the good stuff! Lesson learned. :-) Glad you found some gems up there and it's always fun to junk with you! And so nice to be chilly for a little while before returning to this heatwave.

Eddie Mitchell

You sale looks so much fun. I wish I could have browsed your treasures! Love those school and Xmas photos.

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