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July 21, 2015


Melissa's Antiques

They're all so sweet!


I have been thinking about starting a collection of these for Norah. Have you seen the one's that Erica at Golden Egg Vintage has been finding and posting on IG? So cute! Plus, Norah is a bit of a drooler so these may come in handy in a pinch :-)


Barbara Lorentz

Love your collections! Those dry cleaner hankies really take the cake.
BTW: What is a digger sale?



These are just adorable!!


Now that is a FUN collection! I love the Smokey the Bear; 'only you can prevent forest fires'...or runny noses!


I have to confess I collect chidrens hankies, too! I just can't help myself they are so cute! When we were kids we would take one with us to church. Loved seeing yours. I don't even know if I have any the same as yours!


These are darling! I was just given 3 bags full of hankies. They were from a woman who was a preachers wife and she made it her mission to have a hankie collection for the women in her parish. They are mostly white and she has crocheted beautiful edging on them but there are a stack of the decorative ones. Also there are a handful of new ones from all over the world with the tags still on them!
Now to figure out what I can do with them????
I would love to collect these children's hankies, they are so cute!

Eddie Mitchell

What a great collection! The graphics are wonderful! I kept scrolling down and going "that's my favorite!" Then a second later, "No! That one is my favorite!" "No! That one!" I finally decided that they were all my favorite. That is allowed, right? These would look awesome in frames.

Stacey Johnson

These are fabulous! Ah-O I feel a new collection coming on.

Sheryl Remy

I have a Howdy Doody design that is bigger. It may be for going around the neck in cowboy fashion. I picked it up for my uncle who used to watch Howdy Doody as a child.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm partial to your Smokey the Bear hankie after our trip to Yellowstone. Another sweet collection.

The Hanky Dress Lady

Thanks so much for sharing your children's hankies. I don't think I have ever seen Easter hankies before. I have just a few ballerina hankies. They are each so unique.


Love! Darling graphics on these hankies!
I have a few of them too. Just never know what to do with them except maybe frame them? I just think they're so cute. I bought two that someone made into pillows that are sweet.
Hope you're staying cool up there!


These are all precious, but Smokey the Bear has to be my very fave.

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