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July 08, 2015



Hi Laurie,
What a great name for that cute fellow! I especially love the picture of Henry Bunn with the white duck sunglasses. Those are great! As always, it's great fun reading your posts. Happy Summer, Jay


I think Henry Bunn is a perfect name for your friend! I bet he likes the name also. Do you ever watch the twilight zone? I really dont, but it was on one night when I was too lazy to get up and find the clicker to change the station and ended up watching an episode. It was about dept store mannequins that took turns being alive and of course there had to be one mannequin that didnt want to return when it was time. just bizarre.. but I have visions of henry bunn having his turn coming to life! lol! I wonder what he would do. I think he would play in the sand on the beach! lol!
have a great day!

Eddie Mitchell

There are some really fun entries on that whole list of names. I wan about to send you some more ideas myself, although I do like my original suggestion best. LOL. Maybe that could be his middle name?

Linda @ A La Carte

Henry Bunn! Perfect!


Welcome, Henry Bunn!


Henry Bunn is the perfect name. Welcome to Blogland, Henry Bunn!


Audrey Aims

Well, Hello There!
Very pleased to meet you, Henry Bunn!
I look forward to seeing your sweet face in future posts!
Best wishes to you and Laurie for a wonderful weekend! :D


Hazel's HALF brother. Love the name. Sorry to have been a pain. :)


I must have missed the post about you asking for name suggestions but as I was reading this post I had a name repeat over and over in my head and the name was George. I thought it was funny that a man named George suggested the name Henry. I'm glad to read that he has a name and it's Henry Bunn, it's a nice name!


Perfect! And those eyes...<3

Nelda Johnson

Good choice. I have always called him JIMMIE, but with the hat, I must say Henry is more suitable. More refined. Sweeter too. Thanks for involving us once again.


He looks like a Henry Bunn :-)
I like the name and I'm sure he does too!

Lisa W.

He's an old fashioned boy with an old fashioned name . Cute as a button !

Kim Mclees

I love it. I especially love that you wanted to name him Bunn. My youngest daughter is known to all as Bunnie, Bunn for short, el bunabla when she is being a little devil. Feel free to use that on Henry Bunn if he misbehaves.

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