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August 18, 2015


Melissa's Antiques

I'm 28 and my brothers are 26 and 24. My mother used cloth diapers on all of us... and diaper pins! I know she still has them somewhere!


Well these are the cutest dang diaper pins ever! Miss Norah wears cloth diapers but they have come a long way since having to use pins. Too bad!!

Stay cool, friend. 100 degrees down here today!



Hello: i love your blog and your Magpie Ethel creations. I so wanted an Uncle Sam at 4th of July but they sold out fast. I have 2 suggestions for collection challenges.

"Show me your collection of vintage Christmas tree toppers."

"Show me your collection of vintage nativity (whole nativity or nativity animals."


I used cloth with my oldest because someone gave us a diaper service as a gift but after a few months of that and Velcro covers......forget that! The next two used disposable diapers. I remember my mom using those pins on my two sisters and I'm sure on me and my brother too. I love them but I've never found any except for duck ones😊


Oh my goodness, I WAS of the generation of cloth diapers and love this blast from the past. I have no clue what happened to the diaper pins I used. I was so grateful when the diaper pail was out of the bathtub that I probably threw them out! I do have a few around that made their way to me in poke sacks but not the ones I used for my babies.

Gayle. Palmer

These are another example of the special nature of products from years past. The design and attention to detail in everyday items fascinates me. These are charming! I am also fascinated by the fact that this is your 267th collection challenge post! Did you ever think when you started there would be this many? Magnificent, Magpie Ethel!


Thanks to the magpies, all of this cuteness has not been lost forever. Went camping recently with my sisters, and one of them had brought along some yard sale magazines - guess whose. Small world, huh? Always enjoy your posts.


I kept the pins for babies #1 and 2, #3 was home-made, a C-section and I came home to a two and four year old. Need I say more? Pampers for a month became the rest of her diaper days!


I used disposable on my kids but my sisters are 8 and 10 years younger than me and my mom used cloth with pins for them. I babysat for them a lot and at 10 years old I was quite the expert pinning a diaper! Only takes one stick in the finger to figure that out quick! :)


I think I still have some diaper pins from when I was a baby! I haven't looked, but I wonder if they still make super cute ones. I think a lot of cloth diapers have velcro now, which isn't cute at all!

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