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August 25, 2015



Great! You just reminded me of my small collection of squirrels that I don't remember where I packed away! Guess I know what I'll be doing today :-)

Love the new cut out you found. So perfect for Fall!



Best post ever!!! I bet Plunky Pam might think otherwise. UGH!!

Sheryl Remy

This is exactly the best way to see squirrels. Whenever I see them they are digging up my planters and garden.


I adore that you have a squirrel friend coming by for a visit! My Mom used to have one that would stand on the railing by her back door and wait for it to open like he wanted to run inside. She called him her squirrel stalker - LOL


You never cease to amaze me with your collections! I have a squirrel feeder outside my classroom window. The kids love watching the squirrels come feed and peek in the window at them.
I'm kinda nuts about your collection!

Lisa W.

How nice that you have a squirrel friend visiting you every day ! I have a feeder in my yard so I have lots of squirrels stopping by. I just love them ! Love your collection too ! Thanks for sharing .


Awwww love your squirrel collection! Nice that you have a friend come visit you every afternoon too :-)
I hardly find any squirrel figurines out there.
Love seeing yours!

Musings from Kim K.

I really love your squirrel collection too. We have grown to love these busy creatures at our Aframe. They make quite a ruckus when chasing each other up and down the triangle roof top.


Loved your sweet squirrels! So adorable! I am loving your blog as well. I don't want to leave...lol!

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