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August 29, 2015


Elizabeth Fedorko

The mouse is actually Toppo Gigio from the Ed Sullivan show. Shows my age that I even know that!


HaHa, when I saw that little metal car in the first picture my first thought was it needed a Christmas tree on top!
Love that elf holding the yellow flower.
Sounds like you and Kate had some great time together. I'm curious what she found/collects?

Linda @ A La Carte

I am always amazed at the elfs you find! Love it all! And fun with your daughter!


How in the heck do you keep missing these sales in the ads? Kate must be your lucky charm :-)


Cathy Long

Great finds. I am pretty sure the mouse is Topo Gigio from way back when in the 50s.

Dorothy Crutchfield

Love the little squirt gun fish, it looks like the toys we played with in the 50's!
Great finds!


I had a mouse like that that I sold She was holding pompoms and was an AR cheerleader. I know a lot of people think it is Topo Gigio, but they look a lot different. I had never even heard of TG until I posted about mine. In any account, she is much cuter than the mouse we caught in a trap in our garage yesterday. I am still skeeved out. I'd love to see what Kate bought - I love it that our kids like to hit sales and aren't embarrassed about it.


Fun stuff. I do love those lady head vases.


Eeek!! So adorable!! My favorite was the squirt gun fish! The kewpie dolls are so precious :D

Sheryl Remy

That little fish squirt gun is so cute. I wish they would bring back the lithographed metal sand buckets those were so cute too.

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