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September 01, 2015


Melissa's Antiques

Reminds me of my mother in law. She buys the extra large 5lb tubs of cottage cheese. She loves that stuff.


My grandpa ate cottage cheese every single day. He used to put peaches on it. Now whenever I eat it, I always have to have peaches on it too. It's a nice memory :-)


Alison (alibaba520 on IG)

I haven't had cottage cheese in awhile, but I happened to pack it in my lunch today! Ha! I tend to eat it with a little salt and pepper along with salad, or veggies. I don't care for it with sweet things. Anyway, that is a lot of lids!


You've made me look at everything differently now. I take my time and look at cans, containers of all sorts and anything that have great graphics on them. I'm still learning from the best! :-)
Cute posts!


You just made me start craving cottage cheese and canned pears :D

I love the Borden small curd pink container..so sweet!


We eat cottage cheese all the time, It has to be small curd and 4% milkfat,lol. We eat it with salt and pepper, pineapple or mandarin oranges. We also use it in place of ricotta cheese when we make Lasagna. I have never really thought about the containers our food comes in unless they are really interesting. Our attic floor is covered with tin soup cans and other tins. I believe a previous owner used them to patch the floor. Have you ever seen that in the homes you have been in?


The pink one is my favorite. I DO eat cottage cheese but never, ever, ever with fruit. I do not like that one bit! I like it with tomatoes or chives added. Yum!

shirley hatfield

Peaches, pineapple, or just salt and pepper...the best ways to eat cottage cheese. What a fun post!


I grew up eating it, my grandmother always served it with lots of pepper. I still eat it, great if you are on a low carb diet. But like BethAnne said, it has to be small curd and 4% milkfat, the other stuff is NASTY. That pink container is darling.


Back in the day, cottage cheese came in waxed containers and at Easter, they were decorated with bunnies, chicks, etc. you could poke holes in the sides, pop in a pipe cleaner handle and have a little Easter basket. Too bad I didn't keep any.

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