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September 27, 2015



Did you find another fridge drawer too? :) amazing luck!


Awesome finds! And what a sweet story about the neighbors. Have fun creating with all those goodies! karen....


With what those ladies kept in their homes, it sounds to me like you all could have been good friends! So happy to see that all their treasures went to a good home :-)


Melissa's Antiques

I saw the sale posted on Amy's Instagram. I wish we had great estate sales around here. We have a ton of auctions, though. I'm loving all your finds, as usual.


That is such an interesting story about those ladies. I hope they are in heaven just crafting away! Learning about the people is part of the fun, to me. I wonder if those ducks on wheels held a chocolate (or candy) egg in that space?

Eddie Mitchell

What a sweet story about those ladies. How great that they did everything in life together and then had their estate sales together. It was worth the trip it looks like. That doll craft box is so you! So many great finds. I love those children's books, but my fave is the glasses. They are a total hoot!


Laurie, so glad to see all your treasures!Such great finds. And such a wonderful, sentimental story behind the two women who lived next door to each other. If only those baby rattles could talk. :) love, rosie


What fun finds and good for you for making the drive!!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm having serious estate sale withdrawal after seeing this post. I loved spying on everything through your IG feed, but it's so much fun to blow everything up on my laptop. So many fabulous holiday goodies just waiting for you...sigh.


Wow, what a great story and sale! I love the rosen figures and valentine book. I need a good estate sale, its been forever since Ive gone, but I'm going to Junk Ranch and Junk Stock this week and next so I should save my pennies for that.


What a score in the holiday dept! Love those Easter ducks or whatever they are! Looks like that was well worth the drive!

Shelley Germann

Enjoying this post a second time! So much eye candy! What a sale! How sweet these ladies lived next to each other. I'm sure they would be tickled to know someone will love their treasures as much as they did.

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