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October 16, 2015


Musings from Kim K.

I'm having serious estate sale withdrawal. I always love living through you though! I can't believe the volume of unused cards! Fantastic as always, Laurie! By the way, I have that pumpkin candle that you rescued. I think his melted wax, gives him some character.


What great finds!! I adore all those old greeting and post cards and especially the boxes.


I have never been to an estate sale that had the treasures you consistently find. It's really fun to see what you have gathered together. But, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make this year for your shows.

Linda @ A La Carte

So many great crafting items! I love the old cards!


Great finds as always. I love a good old stash of greeting cards. That Black Americana one is darling - I collect those, but never really mention it since there is such an astigmatism towards that sort of stuff. I love the cutlery tray full of goodies too. :)


How cute is that his and hers box! so I was just thinking about all the stuff you have. do you remember that you have it all? lol! I always forget what I have and I have only a tiny fraction of what you have. so when I get stuff out to craft Im often thinking.. OH.. how cute this is.. I didn't know I had that! I do have a crappy memory though. Have fun creating Laurie!

Kelley Wright

I am with Patti, I never find the awesome stuff you find! It is so fun to see your newest discoveries! Down here in the Bay Area, there aren't many "old" estate sales, so much of them is new stuff. I got lucky once and scored three aluminum trees for $10!! Love to read your blog.

Melissa's Antiques

Definitely not bad at all. I like to gamble with large craft bins sometimes. Sometimes you're rewarded, sometimes you're not!

Eddie Mitchell

Wonderful finds. It is important to take breaks. I imagine your rooms are slowly filling up with creations. I love those cards, especially the little girl that's "going to town."


Geez what a great crafting score! Love the green utensil tray and the card boxes with cards.....that was an extra along with the wrapping paper!
I'm running out of words to use on your finds lately :-)

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