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November 18, 2015



I get excited every time I see that MLK address - it's right up the street from me! Wrong state though. BOOO. Have fun - Plucky Maidens looks like a fun show. BUCKET LIST. (I have relatives that just moved to Portland - I think not too far from your area - so maybe someday.......)

Eddie Mitchell

Have fun! Good luck! I know you'll do super well.


Sooo hoping I can see it in person because I know it will spectacular!

Musings from Kim k.

I always love seeing how you've configured your booth and all your amazing creations. Looking forward to your virtual tour!!


Can't wait to see all the pictures! Hope you sell lots! Your booth always looks so fun! karen...


I'm so jealous... But in a good way. Why, oh why couldn't I have been there??? Maybe because Louisiana is a bit far. The pink stuffed Rudolph was something I had as a child that got lost many years ago. I TREASURED it and almost cried when I saw yours! You have precious memories of Christmas past and I'm so glad...even if I just get to look at them on a screen :-)
Hopefully you have an ETSY shop???!!

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